Palm Equipment are releasing their new line of apparel in the next few months, introducing a fantastic new range of both sea and river cags. The Atom, Fuse, Surge, Flow and Zenith all replace some outstanding river cags, and the Ladies range has expanded with the Aqua, Ariel, Swirl and Verve.

In the touring range the Top line Aleutian cag is replaced by the Alaska, with lower models being replaced by Oceana, Aegean and Mistral. The Thalassa is the ladies touring cag introduced in the new lineup.

With these new items replacing the existing range, this means that there are some fantastic deals in the Watersports department of Up and Under. Sidewinders, Aleutians, Switch's, Caspians and Tasmans all have had major discounts to their allready low price. If you don't care about wearing the latest just released fasion, and just want some proven pieces of kit, come and pick up a deal before they all go!

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