DMM Wallnut 1-11 Set now only £65!
RRP on these are £85. Limited availability promotion so get them while you can!

We recommend Wallnuts as the best passive protection because of the materials used and the attention to detail that DMM put into their design and production.

Wallnuts give secure placements even in awkward uneven cracks and pockets due to their tapered and tear dropped features. Whilst the wire the nut sits upon is stiff enough to always ensure an accurate placement.

DMM WallnutsFeatures:

  • 3D curves and scallops give secure easy placements
  • DMM select and heat treat specific alloys to provide extra bite
  • Counter sunk and drilled out radiuses avoids stress points on the wire
  • Sharp edges are removed that can hinder placement
  • Hot forging and CNC'ing on sizes 1 to 6 keeps strength high and weight low
  • Extruded hollow bar on sizes 7 to 11 again reduces weight
  • Full size crimp on wire provides maximum safety
  • Colour coded anodising  and double sealed label makes for easy identification


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