Sit on Top Angling is becoming more and more popular. It allows fishermen (or women) to get to shoals that would be impossible to cast to from shore without the need for a larger boat. They also provide more of a challenge; a fight with a big fish is a whole lot more exciting on board a kayak!
We stock a huge range of Scotty fishing products such as Rod Mounts and Rod Extenders to fit to your sit on top or kayak. If you don’t fancy drilling and screwing into your existing boat, or don’t want the hassle of doing so when you’re buying a new one, take a look at our range of specialist fishing sit on tops!
Our large fishing sit on tops include the Ocean Kayak Prowler range, including the popular Trident, Elite and Ultra specs and the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Angler and 160 kayaks.
Other boats include the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100, Ocean Kayak Caper Angler and Tootega Prophecy Huntsman 110.

If you’re not so interested in fishing, or feel you don’t need all the rod holders on your kayak, why not take a look at the Tootega Sector 110 or Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100.

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