Sterling Rope is a brand with a pedigree. They began making ropes that were designed to be different and better in 1992 and they are still achieving it today. They make three ranges:

Marathon ropes have a high sheath to core ratio and designed for people that work their ropes super hard such as guides and centres.

Evolution ropes, which is where our range hits the ground running, put the emphasis on getting the best ratio of weight to diameter from each rope. So you can expect low weights, low impact forces, high fall ratings and good levels of durability from these boys. We stock the Velocity 9.8mm single rope and Duetto 8.4mm half rope from this range. The Evolution Velocity 9.8mm is a great allrounder with a firm handle that doesn't fade with time, it also happens to be Chris Sharma's favoured route working rope. The Evolution Duetto 8.4mm is another great allrounder for trad, winter and Alpineclimbing and mountaineering.

Fusion ropes are designed for climbers pushing their limits. If the Velocity is Sharma's work rope then his redpoint and onsight rope should be the Nano 9.2mm. The Fusion Nano is recommended for advanced and pro climbers for its handling, extreme low weight and drag reduction. On top of this it can also be used as a half rope thus increasing its versatility. Whilst for winter, Alpine and cutting edge trad endeavours the Fusion Photon 7.8mmshould be the rope of choice. Once again this rope is rated as both a half rope and as a twin rope for those endless multi pitch clip ups in the Bernese Oberland and Ecrins.

Sterling Ropes feature Arid System dry treatment which provides a good degree of the ropes protection. It is the combination of a water-resistant coating applied to the sheath fibres housing a DryCore. DryCore is a unique core construction that helps Sterling Ropes maintain their high strength and excellent elongation ratings even when wet where other ropes will be compromized by the yarn on yarn abrasion of wet nylon.

We are so ahhpy with Sterling Ropes that we have decided to include an Evolution Velocity 9.8mm 60m rope in our Up and Under Sport Pack.

So if you are in need a new rope or you have a gap in your armoury you really should consider putting your sterling into a Sterling rope.

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