We are happy to now be official Thule stockists. This means we have a wide range of roof racks and accessories available in store and to order.

Roof rack wise we can offer either the standard square bars or the more efficient T-track bars. If you are going to use the rack infrequently and take it off when you’re not carrying boats the square bars will be more than sufficient. However if your roof rack is going to be a more permanent feature we’d recommend the T-track bars. They are quieter, more aerodynamic (reducing drag and therefore fuel costs) and they look pretty swanky too!
We also have a variety of accessories to make carrying your precious boat more easily and securely.
The Hull-a-Port system allows a kayak to be carried on its side with supports on the edge and hull. This is ideal if you intend on using a roof box on your car too. The Hull a Port Pro is able to fold flat so is out the way when not in use. Perfect for sea kayaks or sit on tops.
The Kayak Carrier is a great way to secure a boat on the roof on its hull. It takes up more room than the Hull-a-Port but is more secure and spreads the load more evenly than just putting it straight on the roof rack bars. The Canoe Carrier is a similar system but is intended for open canoes and small boats.
The Kayak Stacker is a foldable upright bar, perfect for carrying multiple boats on the roof at one time (such as white water boats). The advantage of this over other uprights is it folds flat when not in use increasing fuel economy and without the risk of bashing it when leaving a multi storey car park (especially on a van).
We are stocking the Pacific range of roof boxes at the moment but can order in the other boxes. They are ideal for family holidays when the boot is full and the kids are filling the back seats. Body boards, tents and cooking stuff can all be chucked in with ease and the locking mechanism means it is safe and secure on the car roof. The 500 is a half width roof rack and allows space for a kayak for bicycle to be stored alongside on a Hull-a-Port or cycle carrier and is also long enough to carry skis.
For bicycles we stock the Pro Ride and Free Ride. The Pro Ride offers a more elegant and easier solution to carrying bicycles as it self adjusts and has other features that make the fitting of cycles easier. It is also rated to carry heavier bikes. The Free Ride is a good value cycle carrier but is more basic than the Pro Ride.
Hopefully we have most kit to solve most your transports needs. If you can’t find something you need give us a ring and we’ll do our best to source something for you!

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