According to most reputable meteorological sources the news is that beginning in mid to late October temperatures around the UK are going to drop below average, staying well below average throughout November and early December. Obviously beyond that forecasting becomes pretty debatable but the winter climbers amongst us are pretty happy for it to continue as long as possible.

Petzl Spiky Plus If you, like thousands of other people, either became house-bound or extremely unsteady when outside of your home due to compacted snow underfoot on roads and pavements then you might want to think about investing in a pair of pavement crampons.

Pavement Crampons will fit on any footwear and will make walking on slippery snow and ice an easy task. For pure around town use we recommend the famous Petzl Spiky, but if you think this is going to be a one off winter and will get little wear out of them the less expensive Veriga City Tracks are worth a look. Its definitely worth getting a pair if you spend a lot of time in ski resorts.

Kahtoola MicrospikesIf you plan to go off-road on relatively easy terrain and rounded hills but still want security whilst around town then you cannot get better than Kahtoola Microspikes. These beauties pack down small and give amazing traction whilst still being stable on thin ice and pavements. They will mean for many that you can go winter walking in your normal 3 season boots with a crampon for safety and security without having to invest in expensive winter mountaineering boots and crampons. Obviously you need to know the limitations of such a set-up and avoid steeper terrain where boots that can kick steps and crampons that can front point will be required.

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