We have decided to create some really special offers on selected products from Oakley - the worlds leading quality brand of eye protection.

If you like wire framed glasses take a peak at the Oakley Whisker - these are the thinnest wire glasses Oakley have ever made. Their lightweight and their flexible arms means that you hardly know you're wearing them. Oakley Whisker with Black frame and Black Iridium lenses RRP £140 now only £84, Oakley Whisker with Platin frame and Gold lenses RRP £120 now only £71.99!

Or for a more sporty look browse through:

Oakley Alinghi Scalpel Polarized - a special edition Scalpel to celebrate the Americas Cup! RRP £165 now £124.74!

Oakley Juliet - with a fantastic fitting metal frame and lovely hydrophobic lenses, choose from a Plasma frame with Fire Iridium lenses (RRP £270 now only £170!) or a Plasma frame with Emerald lenses (RRP £240 now only £140!).

Oakley Monster Dog - Fantastic fit, looks and price. Choose from Crystal Black frame with Black Iridium lenses RRP £100 now only £60 or Brown Tortoise frames and Bronze lensesRRP £85 now only £42.50!

Oakley Radar Path - The comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit holds the lenses in precise optical alignment for demanding precision use such as golf. Red frame with VR28 lenses RRP £150 now only £99.90!

Oakley Scalpel - Excellent peripheral vision without the distortion found in other sunglasses with curved lenses. Choose between Dark Grey frames with Red Irridium lenses - RRP £115 now only £86.94 and Brown Smoke frames with Dark Bronze lenses RRP £105 now only £79.38!

Oakley Split Jacket - one of the top sports glasses around. The nose grip is designed actually grip better the more you sweat so the glasses stay securely in place no matter how hard you are pushing it. RRP £170 now only £128.52!

Oakley Water Jacket - A wide-screen peripheral view with a hydrophobic coating and a snug fit ensures you perform at your best whether its on the surf, running a marathon or cycling a trail. The Water Jacket comes with Hydrophobic treatment solution, H2O strap, protective case and a micro clear bag. RRP £160 now only £96!

For something a bit funky and a bit special check out the Oakley Split Thump 1GB -  this 1GB MP3 music player intergrated into a pair of Oakleys Split Thump Glasses offers music on the go.
They are compatible with both Windows and Mac, as well as AAC, WMA, Audible, and MP3. Polished Black frame with Grey lenses down from an RRP of £200 to only £129.90!

There are plenty Oakley glasses on special offer that aren't mentioned here so don't forget to take a good look around our glasses section.

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