Happy Christmas from Up and Under outdoor gearChristmas and birthday gift ideas for rock climbers, ice climbers, Alpinists and mountaineers are difficult to buy as boots, helmets and harnesses require fitting.

We have selected a range of non-fit dependant climbing equipment that will excite any climber from novice to expert. Of particular note are present options that are designed to help people moving from indoor to outdoor climbing like the Up and Under Trad and Sport Packs.

Allround climbing and training:

Wild Country Chalk Bag, Chalk Ball and Chalk Bag Belt set  only £9.66! Keep your hands dry and your keys safe without having to clip it into your harness.

Metolius Gripsaver Plus  at £16.10 is great for recovering from injuries and getting back into climbing or for strengthening fingers that are not up to fingerboard strength.

Prohands Gripmaster Excerciser at £9.83 for a more intensive finger workout. Look at either the light, medium or heavy strength options.

Black Diamond GridlockBelaying:

Black Diamond Gridlock £14.92 and ATC XP £15.80 for a belay device and krab thats a little bit special.

Petzl Grigri 2  £56.32 for wall and sport climbing. This assisted braking device is the latest development of the greatest sport climbers belay device ever made.

Karabiners and Quickdraws:

DMM Spectre 2 5 Pack £33.52 get a set of beautiful colourful DMM Spectres for racking or colour coded krabs for your cams and hexes

Wild Country Wild Wire 5 pack 'Trad Pack' only £51.25 for a set of five different length price pointed quickdraws.

DMM Spectre 2 12 and 18cm Quickdraw Offers RRP £16 now only £11.99! Fantastic lightweight allrounders from the greatest karabiner manufacturer in the world - the Wales based DMM.

Petzl Ange Finesse  £18.44 is the state of the art in lightweight quickdraws.

DMM Aero Screw Gate Pack of 5  RRP £45 now only £34! Climbers can always do with a few more screwgates for their rack and at this price it makes an ideal present for the climber in your life.

DMM Wallnut SetRack:

DMM Wallnut Set   normally £85 now only £59.90, will allow experienced climbers to replace ageing product with new anodized wallnutsor to start newcomers to climbing and people just setting into the world of outdoor climbing and trad climbing with the most vital part of your rack.

Wild Country Rockcentric sizes 5-8 set only £39.52 for this set of the four most useful sizes. Alternatively you can buy them individually from £10.73 through to £13.40 a piece.

Up and Under Trad Pack  RRP £254.50 now only £209 and for that price you will be buying the core of a first outdoor lead rack. This great pack makes an ideal present for anyone wanting to progress from indoor to outdoor climbing.

Up and Under Sport Pack  RRP £349 now only £275 and for that you get the core of a first sports climbing lead rack. The sports pack includes rope, quickdraws, rope bag and kit for clipping in when you need to thread your rope to lower off. The Up and Under Sport Pack makes an ideal present for anyone wanting to progress from indoor to outdoor sport climbing.


Betastick Compact £32.20 is a sensible sized clipstick that you can take on your travels and longer crag approaches so you will always have it to protect your feet and ankles on routes with really long first clips or bad landings. There are also standard, long and extra long versions available.

Petzl QuarkWinter:

Black Diamond Express Ice Screws  from £39.20 are the best ice screws bar none and a new screw always goes in that little bit faster, so an extra one will always be well received.

Stubai Hornets £105 - Many people fancy winter climbing but only get a chance once or twice a year so can't justify outlaying £300 on a set of tools. At only £105 a pair this could be the axe and hammer set to get the budding winter climber in your life off the ground.

Petzl Quark  £160.87 per tool. This is a present for the dedicated winter climber looking to update from older dated climbing axes, but they are gorgeous performance allrounders. The recipient will love you forever.


Climbing: From Gym to Crag only £14.54

Rock Climbing Essential Skill and Techniques only £17.27

Winter Skills Essential Walking and Climbing Techniques only £18.15

Rockfax: Sports Climbing + only £18.15

Rockfax: Trad Climbing + only £16.92

Rockfax: Winter Climbing + only £18.15

Happy Christmas from Up and Under outdoor gearThese are just a few of the excellent range of present opportunities that abound within www.upandunder.co.uk for all types of climber. We hope this has helped to give you some ideas.

Have a great Christmas from the eshop team.



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