Happy Christmas from Up and Under outdoor gearGreat things come in threes and yes we are due another chilly winter so don't get trapped indoors or kept off the hills by the conditions this year.

Obviously all keen winter walkers need the correct clothing and a "right on" woolly hat to go out in, but they also need protection for their feet and an assured grip on snow and ice. Make any sort of footwear grip when the snow hits with one of our pavement crampons.

Pavement crampons and walkers crampons and axes:

Veriga City Tracks for £16.80 and Petzl Spiky Plus for £23.23 give excellent grip on snowed up pavements, roads and paths when used on everyday footwear and are great for moving safely around ski resorts.

Kahtoola MICROspikes at £40.01 work on pavements but they will also take you from horizontal paths right up into the hills without the need for investing in stiff boots and crampons.

Kahtoola KTS Steel at £89.99 (down from £114.99) will enable you to head into the mountains in winter when you have 3 season walking boots that aren't stiff enough for a traditional crampon. These flexible crampons will fit on a trainer but work best on standard walking boots, providing a lightweight, compact and versatile crampon for whatever footwear you own. If you are contemplating mountainous terrain then you really should think about an ice axe and we recommend the Grivel Munro (£55.20) as an excellent walking axe to complement the KTS Steel crampons.

Socks and Gaiters:

Socks and gaiters make great presents as new socks make for happy, warm feet which you will be loved for, whilst gaiters are probably the item of clothing that everyone adds to their equipment armoury last, when really they should be high up the list for stopping water and snow going over the top of your boots and for keeping your trousers clean and dry.
Bridgedale Summit Comfort for women and men at £13.04 is a lovely soft, warm sock for this time of year.
ThorLo Hiking Socks are on special offer at only £9.50 down from £12.50 and are available for men and women.
Seal Skinz Mid Lightat £24.59 and Mid Thermal waterproof socksat £26.34 make a great present for cyclists, golfers and anyone who walks in wet conditions but whose footwear isn't waterproof.
Outdoor Designs Alpine Gaiter for £15.67 as a brilliant gaiter at the price which is front-opening so is easy to put on and uses a 3 layer Watergate membrane for breathability and waterproofness.
Rab Latok Alpine Gaiter for £30.46 is also a front opening gaiter which uses eVent for better breathability. There is less chance of condensation inside and so more comfort is acheived.



There's plenty to choose from in our headwear range from the fun Outdoor Research Yukon Cap for £21.79 to the very functional Outdoor Research Ninjaclava, an excellent design balaclava for £21.76. There's plenty of beanie designs too such as the Arc'teryx Bird Head Toque Beanie for £17.65 and the
Montane Logo Beanie for £17.56.

Mitts and Gloves:

We have an extensive glove range suitable from hillwalking use to the highest slopes on Everest! For the chilly British hills we have lots to choose from such as the Outdoor Research Backstop Men's  and Backstop Women's which is a warm glove with wind stopping membrane on the hand for £26.15. Many others too such as the Outdoor Designs McKinley Glove for £39.18 which has an eVent waterproof insert and with 100g of Dupont Thermolite insulation it is plenty warm enough for cold winter walks in the UK.

Rucksacks: inc. liners and dry bags:

Dry bags are a cheap stocking filler, are simple to use and keep important gear dry in your rucksack
and start from £4.97. Sizes go from 1 litre to 40 litres!

Navigation: GPS Map Cases

We have augmented our range of GPS with the new entry level Garmin GPS, the eTrex 10 for £103.50. Unlike the previous eTrex it has a USB port, supports geocaching, a vector button and a high battery life of 25 hours. The eTrex 20 for £169.37 and eTrex 30 for £216.42 are colour screen mapping GPS units which come with a BirdsEye Select voucher worth £20 that allows you to download your first area of 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey mapping from Garmin. The eTrex 30 has a barometric altimeter and electronic compass.



Rucksacks: inc. liners and dry bags

Trekking Poles

Navigation: GPS Map Cases

Bothy bags


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