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Arc’Teryx use two letters as a suffix to each model name in order to give an idea of the kind of materials likely to be used and the activity the garment will be suited to. There are seven suffixes used: SV, AR, LT, SL, FL, MX and SK.
SV- Severe
Garments with the SV suffix are those designed with the toughest and best quality materials available. They are intended to work flawlessly in the most harsh and often coldest environments on earth. These garments are subsequently usually slightly heavier than other models. However, when durability is of paramount importance these are the models to consider. The Venta SV is a bomber softshell, which utilises three different versions of Gore Windstopper fabrics.
  beta ar

AR- All Round
AR garments are designed to suit a wide range of activities from hill walking in the Brecon Beacons to Norwegian Ice Climbs and everything in between. The materials used will be a balance between lightness and durability in order to suit the greatest range of environments. The Beta AR and Theta AR are both jackets that use a lightweight version of GoreTex’s Pro Shell for a fantastic strength to weight ratio.

LT- Lightweight atom lt
Using lightweight yet durable materials and minimalist feature sets to provide highly functional yet streamlined and lightweight garments that will stand still the test of time. The LT range is perfect for those who like to save weight but don't want to compromise on durability. The Atom LT Pullover is a good example of a garment from this range.

SL- Super Light
Garments in the SL range employ lightweight materials to provide highly functional and often technical pieces for use in environments where saving weight is important. This makes them the number one choice for serious Alpinists. Durability will be impaired. However models in the SL range do not completely ignore durability and features. For example the Alpha SL Hybrid Jacket uses a lightweight GoreTex Paclite body with GoreTex Pro Shell reinforcement in key wear areas.

FL- Fast and Light
Garments in the FL range tend to use the lightest materials available in order to strip away every single excess gram. This makes the clothing ideal for fell runners, adventure racers and other endurance athletes where weight has to be kept to an absolute minimum. However bear in mind that using these kinds of materials will compromise on durability.

MX- Mixed
These garments are designed to work in the widest range of conditions in changing weather. Materials tend to be durable and highly breathable and are suited to range of activities. Check out the Gamma MX softshell, which uses a mid weight Fortius Fabric for maximum versatility.

SK- Ski Touring
Ski touring focussed design with specific feature sets and plenty of room for layering underneath. Large trouser leg openings will fit over ski boots.

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