Initially bought as I needed a smaller lighter climbing sack. My Pod Black Ice was a little too big for my liking especially considering the lengths I had gone to reduce the bulk and weight of the rest of my gear.
There are many rucksacks of this spec and size on the market but the reason I opted for the BD Speed 40 is the incredibly comfortable back system with the reactive shoulder straps (they move with you). This was crucial for me as I have problems with my lower back, meaning comfort and support is crucial.
Another key aspect of this rucksack is the roll top closure. I do not like having top lids on my rucksacks and always remove them or cut them off. The reasons for this is when I arrive at the bottom of a climb and empty the sack of rope, harness gear etc the lid slides around and annoys me. The roll top closure give a much more weatherproof seal than other rucksacks that just have a draw cord.

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