Why I opted to swap all the draws on his rack for these bad boys!

Although not the outright lightest quickdraw on the market, the DMM Phantom Quickdraw is definitely the lightest whilst still being a usable size. This is really important for me as my passion/goal with climbing is always Alpine/Scottish winter based and therefore when I have gloves on.
A lot of people have had concerns that using these with gloves on would be too fiddly. But I haven’t found this and a friend of mine who came winter climbing for the first time didn’t have any troubles either. 

I changed all of my snap gates and quick draws in one go and was amazed at the difference in weight across my rack. I have always seeked lighter gear for my alpine excursions and take it quite seriously. I have hereditary problems with my lower back so carrying super heavy packs and gear isn’t a great plan.

Review By Andy Foster

dmm phantom

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