Possibly the best fitting rock shoe I have ever found. I have very long and narrow feet and always have an issue with rock shoes where by, if I am inside or outside edging my foot rolls inside the shoe causing me to fall of. Not the case with these.
The heel rand is incredibly tight and therefore may not suit some people because it does push the foot hard into the end of the shoe giving a very secure fit. However if you are not used to this kind of fit you may find it uncomfortable to begin with.

The other thing with this shoe, which I love, but other may dislike, is the stiffness of the sole unit. This is one of the stiffest shoes in Five Ten’s range. Stiffness is usually associated with beginner level shoes but because I have big feet (size 11) I find the extra stiffness gives great support, especially on sandstone or limestone with sharp crimpy edges.

Review by Andy Foster

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