I originally bought these in Yosemite four years ago, on my first trip there. I found that on ‘normal’ cams, the head width was too wide to fit in the piton scar holes on the rock. Despite the heads fitting on Black Diamond Camelot C3s, the cables were too stiff and didn’t work effectively.
I bought the Master Cams on the recommendations from the locals who claimed these were the best cams available (they were right!). When I came back to the UK I continued to use them in the smaller sizes over small Black Diamond and DMM cams as when cracks become smaller I found I also needed a smaller head width. My only initial concern with these cams was that they didn’t use wire on the triggers and used a kevlar cord. However after using them for four years and never having one break (whilst I have known wires to break on other cams) I no longer feel this is an issue.

Review by Andy Foster

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