An exceptionally light mono point crampon for technical mixed climbing. These crampons do differ from other crampons as the mono point is fixed. Other models such as the Petzl Lynx and Grivel G14 have a modular design i.e. you can change from dual point to mono and also replace points if/when they wear out.
On the Dart you cannot do this, as they are a fixed mono point. However this does mean that they are about half the weight of any modular crampon. This is critical as someone once told me that adding 1 gram to your legs is like adding 6 to your back!
The other thing with the Dart is that unlike other crampons of a similar design they can double up as a walking crampon (although they are not ideal). This makes them far more versatile.
My only criticism is that you can only put anti balling plate on the back section of the crampon and not on the front. I can understand why Petzl originally did this as they are designed for super steep technical mixed climbing, but I know a lot of people that use them for alpine climbing and therefore an anti balling plate for the front would be very useful… Come on Petzl, sort it out!

Review by Andy Foster

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