I originally bought this helmet for a trip to Yosemite where I knew I would be big walling for 5-6 days and would have it on for extended periods. There was a lot of talk at the time about one hit from a loose rock writing the helmet off. However Yosemite is not that loose as it’s well travelled so I decided that comfort and ventilation were my priorities.
At this point I was still using a Petzl Elios (plastic shell for winter climbing). However after a training session with Petzl where we did lots of drop testing on helmets, the meteor came out on top. I now use it for everything including Alpine and Scottish climbing. Indeed a friend of mine had a nasty fall whilst down climbing a gully on the north face of Pen Y Fan and the helmet no doubt saved his life. He took a big hit on the back of the helmet, an area that many helmets don’t protect well.
As said before the main benefits of this helmet are the exceptional lightness and massive ventilation. You just don’t notice is on yours head. On top of this the adjustment system is really easy to use with gloved hands.
The only downside in my mind is that the foam padding seems to hold salty sweat, which meant mice tended to chew on it at night in Yosemite, so best keep it in your tent not outside!

Review by Andy Foster

meteor III

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