Werner Powerhouse - Gear Review.

I have always been a huge fan of Werners. Great looks, durability and performance make them one of the best paddle brands around. I previously owned a pair of cranked Players but after leaving them on a river bank at the end of a trip (doh!) I decided to swap for a river running and creeking orientated paddle.

The Werner Powerhouse is the one of the most powerful paddles from Werner’s ‘Premium’ and ‘Performance’ ranges (the Sidekick being the most powerful) featuring a slightly larger blade surface area than the Sherpas. I opted for the fibreglass straight shaft version with 45 degrees of feather and 194cm in length - a little longer than my 191cm Players and a more suitable length for river running.

It took a bit of adjustment getting used to paddling with a straight shaft paddle again but I soon got used to it. However I definitely prefer a cranked shaft. I find it a much more comfortable and natural position and also allowed me to know exactly where on the paddle my hands were when upside down in turbulent water.

The power from the paddle is excellent and the blades seem well balanced providing a smooth stroke. There is very little flex in the blade and there is no impression that any energy is being wasted. When I really need to make an eddy or last minute stoke they provide the extra pull needed.

In terms of durability I have never known a pair of glass Werners break and you’ll probably lose them before you break them. Even when scraping over rocks they appear to only have surface scratches and a small amount of wear on the edges.

Overall I am very happy with my Powerhouses, the glass spec offering a good trade off between weight, durability and price.

Written by Ross Tiley

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