Crux X1 Assault, Strike and Raid tents

The Crux X1 range are all single skin tents to keep weight at a minimum but weather protection at a maximum.

But unlike other single skinned tents you can use them in all weathers at all altitudes because of the use of X-tex fabric!

Using X-tex means that unlike other single-skinned tents when climatic conditions cause condensation to form on the inner wall of the tent, the X-Tex fabric actually absorbs the moisture which prevents dripping (a serious problem with other single skinned tents). The fabric stays dry to the touch whilst absorbing this moisture and continues to breathe at a significant rate, as it doesn't rely on water molecules remaining as vapour to pass through it.

So what does this type of tent offer over other tents?

Single skinned tents are lighter than double skinned traditional tents, therefore you can get a tent that weighs little but you haven't had to pare the strength of the fabrics and poles down to achieve that low weight as you do with a double walled tent. So single skinned tents can be light and strong at the same time.
Until now single skinned tents could only be used comfortably at high altitudes where the air holds little moisture so that the climate that you build up in the tent by breathing is able to be passed through the walls of the tent as easily as possible. Down in the valley in the U.K. for example where the air is generally moisture laden, your traditional single-skinned would be dripping all over you with condensation.

But no longer, you get the best of all worlds with a Crux X1 tent.

The X1 Raid is a Bibler style mountain bivi tent using crossed 2 poles and with a clip in loop in the roof so you can be attached to a belay without the rope running out through a hole in the door.

The X1 Strike gives you the same style mountain bivi tent but with an extra pole for more strength and useable space without increasing the tent footprint, that can also be used outside of the high mountains.

The X1 Assault is the same tent as the X1 Strike with the addition of a Cuban fabric porch at only 80g extra which means more storage, more cooking space and generally more comfort for backpacking at all levels.

After reading several articles on the Crux tents I decided to buy an X1 Strike but it is not available until fall. So I bought a Raid.
The people at Crux have a good thing here and a quality product. I took it out to the AT in Pennsylvania through Michaux State Forrest for three days. It's comfortable, weather proof, light and sturdy. That's the good news. First, it took two of us to get the poles in the grommets. They are about a half inch too short or the poles are too long. Additionally, please stop calling it a two person tent. One person plus a little gear is it.

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