Down, down, deeper and down

Rab down sleeping bag and clothing sale


Rab Neutrino Endurance Women's

Down Jackets:

Infinity Endurance Jacket RRP £270 now only £199.87

Women's Neutrino Endurance Jacket £260 now only £174.99

Women's Neutrino Plus Jacket RRP £285 current stock only £199.99! pre hydrophobic down version now only £184.99!


Down Sleeping Bags:

Module RRP £140 now only £99.99!

Neutrino 400 RRP £285 now only £229.49!

Neutrino Endurance 200 RRP £225 now only £179.99!

Neutrino Endurance 400 RRP £300 now only £239.99!

Expedition 1200 RRP £570 now only £459.99!


Whats going on, why the offers?

Well it's a combination of things:

1. it seems to be the end of a rather poor winter season,

2. Rab upgraded their down clothing to hydrophobic down last season and this season they are doing it to their down sleeping bags and expedition clothing so we have some of last seasons slleping bag models left. But just to warn you that there are some significant price hikes for the spring summer in down bags. This is partly due to changing to hydrophobic down in the case of Rab but also due to world down prices. Down like oil is a commodity that fluctautes on availability and with issues of Avian Flu and less production of Foie Gras there is less good quality down around, hence the price has increased. For example the Rab Expedition 1200 had an RRP last season of £570 as of the start of spring 2014 it has gone to £730!

In other words if you want a new down sleeping bag now is the time to snap up some bargains.

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