Whitewater PFD Sale - Palm AMP in Saffrom - 50% off RRP

Buy a Palm AMP in Saffron now with 50% off RRP

The Palm Amp is a high specification PFD that is ideal for whitewater kayaking; it is also a very good option for whitewater search and rescue. However if you are looking for purely a search and rescue option you may wish to look at the Palm Rescue series.

Palm Equipment has designed the amp to be the highest specification over head whitewater pfd on the market. The only other option that rivals it closely is the Palm Extrem. However, female paddlers may wish to look at the Palm Luna.

The Palm Amp is an overhead style PFD and the main design feature of it is the 3 dimensional cut. The 3d cut really does offer a far more advanced fit for performance and comfort. The foam that has been used in the amp is also pre curved (Flex Formed Foam) so it naturally wraps around the paddlers torso. The high levels of performance continue on the inside of the PFD in two forms, firstly you have the breathable mesh liner that is designed to work with the range of Palm paddle tops such as the atom. This mesh liner ensures that the breathability of the paddle top is maximised. Secondly within the mesh liner there is a large vertical pocket that is ideal for a hydration system, again this will ensure that the paddler keeps perfect levels of hydration so they can perform at there optimum levels!

has also incorporated a quick release chest harness rescue system into the amp. This may need to be shortened for certain paddlers. There is also a continuous shoulder strap system that starts on the front waistband, it then runs up the front and over the shoulders and continues down the back to the rear waistband. This is vital for safety in the event of an inverted pin. On the front of the PFD there are four pockets that are ideal for the storage. The main pocket is located in the mid section of the chest. This pocket is ideal for essential items such as a Palm safety tape and a karabiner, however as it is also padded it could be great for a digital camera. There is then a second pocket on the front of this that could be ideal for documents. A further two small pockets are situated on the top of the chest and these are the perfect size for a whistle (comes supplied in rigth hand pocket) and a rescue knife.

Buy a Palm AMP in Saffron now with 50% off RRP

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