The Up and Under footwear range

We don't claim to have the largest range of footwear but we do claim to only have good quality, supportive and protective footwear on our shelves. Each option has been selected to suit a certain terrain and foot type. So if you have a narrow foot and want to do flat soft terrain walks we will have a selection of waterproof and non-waterproof shoes and mids for you to try, similarly if you want to be up in the hills on more demanding terrain and have a wide foot then we will again have a selection of great boots for you. We will also have everything between and beyond covered well within our range without any rubbish to cloud your choice.

Lowa Hudson GTX Mid

We have just added a fantastic new brand and model to our range in the form of the Lowa and the Lowa Hudson GTX Mid.

The Lowa Hudson GTX Mid is one of those boots which gives you instant comfort due to it's medium flex and supple full-grain leather upper. The leather upper is highly water resistant and is lined with Goretex for full waterproofness. The boot is made on Lowa's standard last and just has to be tried.

The medium flex makes the Hudson GTX Mid the perfect choice for countryside rambles and hillwalks and will be supportive enough for most well defined mountain paths. Ideal for the Brecon Beacons, Howgills, Peak District and similar terrain in the UK and abroad.

What might cause an ankle injury on the hills?

With Mountain Rescue Teams claiming increases of incidents related to ankle injuires there must be something afoot in how people are approaching the hills.

Obviously slips and falls are likely to be a major cause of ankle injuries, so to help prevent them make sure that you have; plenty of good tread right across your sole unit, and supportive footwear that holds your foot well and doesn't twist laterally so much that you can be off-balance when contouring a slope.

Rough, tussoky, undulating terrain requires more than an approach shoe as your foot will be being twisted this way and that which puts extra stress on your ankles, so consider mids and proper boots once you are encountering this terrain.

Worn out footwear?

Modern footwear tends to conform to the "light is right" approach and whilst we love lightweight footwear it does mean that they can wear out quicker. The heaviest part of a shoe or boot is the rubber sole unit and the easiest way to reduce the amount of rubber (and therefore weight) is to reduce tread depth or space out lugs. Both of these approaches contributes to faster wearing soles. So don't expect modern boots to last 20 years like your boots of yesteryear, but do expect a significantly more comfortable ride, lighter weight and little to no break-in time. Consequently we recommend that you check the soles for wear regularly.

If you have any doubts about the amount of wear on your footwear please feel free to bring them into our store or contact us via Skype (upandunderoutdoorgear) to get an honest opinion from one of our footwear specialists.


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