New Rockshoes at Up and Under

With spring upon us and the possibility of evening climbing pretty much here it's time to unveil some new shoes to you and your friends. From the level of excitement and purchases so far it looks like we've picked some real winners.

La Sportiva Genius

The shoe thats being talked about the most is the La Sportiva Genius and rightly so, this shoe is the pinnacle of rockshoe development and the shoe that all others will try to compete with. Bringing the now established "No-Edge technology" to a lace-up product means you can get the maximum level of sensitivity combined with the absolute optimum fit. It can be worn looser and still remain in position for longer routes as well. The Genius is absolutely amazing for hooking your way around roofs, sending boulder desperates at the wall or flashing Ondra's testpieces at Flatanger.

Slightly more down to earth and emminently suitable for a variety of rock types and climbing styles are the new offerings from Boreal and Scarpa.

Boreal Lynx

The Boreal Lynx is a beautiful shoe that takes the classic Boreal yellow and black look of the Stinger (remember them, I still use mine regularly) and the extreme sensitivity of the Laser (remember them, who didn't love them) in a modern moderately down-turned performance shoe that is sure to be loved just like it's hallowed predecessors. Combining Zenith rubber in it's stickiest yet most durable form yet with the V2 Rand for great heal and arch hold we expect to see this shoe excelling on a whole varitey feet and rock types. The Lynx complements the Boreal Dharma's more aggressive bouldering and steep sports route design which arrived earlier in the winter.

Scarpa Vapour V and Vapour V Wmn

The latest incarnation of a classic from Scarpa has aligned performance for the masses with even more comfort. The Scarpa Vapour V has a softer upper, improved heal fit and function and a lower cuff around the ankle than it's predecessor so it should suit even more people then ever and for a first toe down shoe it is likely to be the number one choice. The amount of power that is passed through the toes courtesy of the downturned midsole is significant yet your feet will happily contemplate any angle of route for relatively pro-longed periods. Whats more the ladies version - the Vapour V Wmn has benefited from the same improvements all the while retaining what made the originals great - the combination of Vibram XS Edge Rubber, the toe rand for hooking, and precision, sensitivity, power and comfort all in a cracking package.

La Sportiva Miura VS Woman

Also for women is the revamped (blued up) La Sportiva Miura VS Woman. Sitting at a similar to slightly more aggressive level to the scarpa Vapour V Wmn we are sure to provide the fit and performance that you need. We may still have some of last seasons popular model on special offer if you are quick.

La Sportiva Jeckyl

Moving away from toe down models the latest addition to our range is the La Sportiva Jeckyl. This lace up shoe has a work range from entry level to toe down performance depending on how snug you fit them. The heal is slightly meaner than many beginners shoes in order to keep the level of performance in there that some competitors loose for the sake of an easy sale in the shop. The stiffer sole helps the Jeckyl work really well for long sustained trad routes and wall sessions.

We will have a few more models to complement our already sizeable range (43 different models in stock at last count) making Up and Under the place to try and buy rockshoes in Cardiff and throughout South Wales. The only place where you can receive a quality full fitting service and try them on our climbing wall. For those that can't visit our store we provide a next working day delivery service as standard throughout the U.K.

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