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We've been asked for Millet rucksacks by customers that have been guided around or visited The Mont Blanc Massif in recent years and after contacting the brand we are now pleased to announce that they are in stock and available in our Cardiff store and online. But Millet is no upstart brand, they started making bags nearly 100 years ago and have been at the cutting edge of mountaineering equipment ever since. Much beloved in their native France and the chosen pack brand for the Chamonix Guides Company we think they deserve a place in the UK outdoor enthusiasts hearts as well.

The most requested product has been "that Millet climbing pack that's really light and tough, that has a floating lid to grow bigger and a zip entry on the side". The Prolighter 38+10 is that pack and seems like as good a place as any to start.


The Prolighter range are proper climbing sacks for discerning and demanding mountaineers. Need something light, simple and durable then they could be for you. We already stock superlight, trimmed of all features packs from Arc'teryx and Crux and heavier feature rich and super luxurious packs from Deuter and Lowe Alpine. Millet Prolighter packs sit squarley in between to two camps. Light in weight, but with enough padding and wicking fabrics for a bit of extra comfort and some features that make life a little more comfortable without adding many grams. The range begins with the Prolighter 25 which uses super light and high wicking fabrics for seriously fast and light Alpine endeavours, the Prolighter 30 is the workhorse for the Chamonix Guides Company uses heavier nylons, plenty of reinforcing and a more rugged backsystem, the Prolighter 27 LD is a ladies fit version that has the serious features as the 30 still on there such as gear loops on the waistbelt which is based on a figure wrapping climbing harness design for enhanced load carry and haul loops. When you move up to the Prolighter 38+10 you see the hipbelt become removable and a narrow webbing underneath that works with your climbing harness. Additionally a floating lid is added and there is a covered robust side zip entry to get at kit contents when you don't want to disturb the top of the pack. Based on this design is the daddy of the range the Prolighter MXP 60+20. This pack takes most of the features of the 38+10 plus a few but in a huge expedition pack that still only weighs 1.5kg - unbelieveable.


But it's not all about their climbing packs. Whilst that is what originally made us look at Millet, the Venom range of daysacks for walkers really made us sit up and take notice. Following on from the Prolighters with the use of high quality nylon fabrics and providing a comfortable, high wicking carry without high weight and bulk. The Millet Venom 30 and Venom 30 LD fulfill this criteria with aplomb but what really brought them to our interest are the set of features. This starts with the Opposite Opening™ design that gives the pack a great look and enables the it to stand up the correct way around when put down and opened. The Quick Axe™ feature allows quick storage and access of trekking poles or ice axe's (head upwards) on the pack. The Speed Poles™ storage system frees your hands very quickly for climbing stiles or scrambly sections where you need your hands but don't want to have to drop your pack to store your poles.


If you are walking a long distant route and are carrying tents, sleeping bags, etc. then your pack needs to be that bit bigger and the Millet Ubic 50+10 and Ubic 50+10 LD could be the rucksacks for you. Once again with low weight, good durability and a

cracking feature set they sit comfortably in between our superlight Lightwave backpacking range and heavier feature rich packs from Deuter and Lowe Alpine. The fabrics in use are qualty light nylons, the backsystem is simple but carries extremely well and the features particularly the Variloop System, a modular system for quickly attaching trekking poles, ice axes, skis, snow shoes, tents and bedding roles with minimal fuss and clutter are great.

Come and give Millet rucksacks a try we think you'll love them.

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