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We have a selection of end of line Rab down sleeping bags from their excellent Neutrino, Neutrino Endurance and Andes ranges including some women's specific options. In synthetic sleeping bags we have a few of the best sythetic bags that have been on the market over the last few years the Mountain Hardwear Lamina. We also have a number of Millet down, synthetic and composite sleeping bags from their winter 2016/17 season sales samples. With up to 40% off RRP there's bound to be something to suit!

Rab Sleeping Bag Sale

Rab Neutrino 200Rab Neutrino and Neutrino Endurance: using 800 US fill power European Goose down encased in lightweight Pertex Quantum lining and outer, the Endurance versions have an Endurance water-repellant treatment added to the outer which adds repellancy and a little durability. Choose these bags when weight saving is an absolute must for serious backpacking, Alpine climbing and mountain marathons. Options currently include Neutrino 200 extra long, Neutrino Endurance 200 extra long, Neutrino Endurance 400 and Neutrino Endurance 600. All with around 27% off RRP and increasingly warm as the number increases.

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag Sale

The Lamina range of bags have been the market leader for a long time in terms of warmth for weight from a synthetic bag and having said this their pricing has never been really top end either and hence why we have very little left as we move into the new Lamina Z range. Having said that we have a couple of Lamina 35s in left and right zips and Lamina 35 Longs in left and right zips too. With a Comfort Limit (gents rating) of 0 degrees Celsius this is a great 2/3 season sleeping bag. We also have a Lamina 0 short in stock which has a surprising -18 degrees Celsius Comfort Limit. All with around 28% off RRP!

Millet Sleeping Bag Sale

All of the Millet sleeping bags in our store are currently sales samples from the winter 2016/17 season and may have been used for presentations at sales meetings, but at 40% off RRP they represent an awesome deal.

Millet Baikal: Millets synthetic sleeping bag range includes the; Baikal 750, 1100, 1100 Long, 1500 and LD Baikal 750 (ladies) all with 40% off RRP!

Millet Dreamer Composite: Millets clever down / synthetic hybrid. Using lightweight synthetic fill on the lower half of the bag

where you are more likely to encounter damp and where the fill gets crushed by your body and 80/20 700 US Fill Power Duck Down on the upper half for more luxurious warmth. We have the Dreamer Composite 700, 1000, 1300 and LD 1000 (ladies) all with 40% off RRP!

Millet Alpine LTK: Another Millet down/synthetic hybrid, but this time the down (70% of the fill) and synthetic (30%) are blended together to help retain loft if the fill gets damp when you are sleeping on a ledge in the Alps. The cut is slim to keep weight and bulk low. Choose from the Alpine LTK 600 and 800, again with 40% off RRP!

Millet Summiter is a high quality duck down bag suited for 3 to 4 season use with a comfort limit of -2 degrees celsius that is down (haha) from £180 to only £108. Don't forget it's at 40% off RRP!

Millet Dreamer Composite 1000

Do you deliver to Finland?
What are the measures of Millet Summiter? Wide, lenght?
Total price delivered to Finland?

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Hey Jouni!

Thanks for your query, unfortunately we no longer sell the Millet Summiter, this is an old post from 2016. Something similar that we do sell though, would be the Rab Neutrino Pro 200 OR 400, also the Rab Alpine Pro 400. If it doesn't have to be super lightweight, a synthetic sleeping bag like the Mountain Hardwear Lamina 30F/-1c would also be a great option. The links follow:

Please email us on if you need some more advice on it. And yes, we do deliver to Finland :)
Big thanks,

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