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Trail RunningWhilst we've been carrying bits and pieces for trail running, fell running and mountain marathons in stock for many years we have seen increased demands for products for off-road running and an improvement in the products that are available. So we now feel that we can offer a whole range of products to fulfill most if not all of your off-road running needs.

Currently the Running section offers fairly run specific products whilst more cross-over products like sleeping bags and tents that are suitable for mountain marathons are still to be found in our camping section, though with time they might also appear in the running section.

The categories thus far are:

Hydration Vests: also know as running vests, race vests and ultra vests are common sites on the trail these days. They are 1 to 20 litre capacity backpacks that wrap your ribcage and shoulders giving a much less boucy carry than a rucksack or large bumbag. They don't put any pressure on your stomach or internal organs either making carrying kit when running (walkers and climbers are starting to use them too) a much more pleasant experience. They feature loads of pockets and options for carrying water for easy access on the go. We stock a range from Ultimate Direction inc. some special offers and the brand new Signature Series 3.0 and Jenny collection designed by Jenny Jurek (Ultra Vesta and Adventure Vesta), Scott Jurek (SJ Ultra Vest 3.0), Anton Krupicka (AK Mountain Vest 3.0) and Pete Bakwin (PB Adevnture Vest 3.0). We also stock larger Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 and 30's for mountain marathons.

Running Backpacks: rucksacks for running are generally light in wieght with lots of pockets for easy access to food and drink on the go. They tend to cross-over into fast and light walking and will suit people like the Long Distance Walkers Association as well as trail runners and Mountain Marathon competitors.

Running Belts and Bumbags: the staple for most runners for training runs and shorter distances. Some belts are for essentials only like phone, keys and a gel, whilst others will include a water bottle or two or have larger capacity if you prefer carrying your windproof and gloves around your waist rather than up on your back in a hydration vest. Also included within this section are gel flasks and pockets so you can carry the contents of several gels in one dispenser saving having a pile of sticky sachets in your hand / pack and phone pockets.

Running Water Bottles: if you prefer to run with a simple running belt and carry your liquid in a hand held water bottle then this is the section for your hydration needs. Some hand held bottles come with enough storage for your car keys and a gel. We also carry replacement Ultimate Direction Body Bottles for your hydration vest, these soft bottles crush down to nothing when empty so can be carried or contour to your body shape so fit into pouches on your shoulder straps comfortably.

Running Poles: for serious distances or help on steeper terrain (both up and down) more and more runners are turning to running poles. We stock a range from Guidetti the leading French pole brand that currently includes both carbon (Guidetti Explore Carbon) and light aluminium (Guidetii Explore Alu) options. We also carry removable fingerless gloves that makes using the poles even more comfortable and slick. Running poles can be stored quickly on the front of the new range of Ultimate Direction running vests. Regular customer Robert Chapman is currently running the Welsh Coastal Path and has described his Guidetti poes as indespensible and an absolute must for running the up and down terrain of the British Coastline. You can follow Robert @MSWChallenge.

Trail Running Shoes: we've been stocking trail and fell shoes for years and have tried a wide number of brands but without doubt the brand to choose at the moment has to be La Sportiva. The Mutant, Bushido, Bushido Women's and Ultra Raptor provide us with our core range for trail and fell running and for long distance walking events. We have complemented La Sportiva with the brand new trail running shoes from Scarpa in the form of the Proton and Proton Lady GTX which have literally hit the ground running for us.

Running Socks: If you're like me then the socks that you choose to run in are as important as the shoes that you use. We stock a range of running and trail running socks from Bridgedale, Extremities and Darn Tough but by far and away our most popular socks are Injinji Toe Socks. We stock several different weights of toe sock including women's specific fits and compressions socks as well. The benefits of toe socks over normal socks are many but the key aspects are improved blister prevention and moisture management and a more stable use of each foot placement. Within this area you'll also find running gaiters to keep moisture and debris out of your shoes.

Running Clothing: We've seprated running clothing out into baselayers, insulation, shorts, t-shirts, leggings and tights, waterproofs and windproofs and have currently filled the are out with run specific products. Many of our other products cross-over into running and are highly appropriate so i will be adding such content over the coming couple of weeks. The main brands for us in this area currently are Arc'teryx endorphin, Marmot train run ride and Rab, but we will be complimenting these ranges with some Ultimate Direction clothing in June.

We hope you find the presentation of these new areas useful and look forward to seeing you in store in our running area as well.

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