Kit for Ultra Marathons

Many ultra marathons and long distance events or races have compulsory kit lists that all competitors need to carry - even if you're not expecting to use it.

At Up and Under, we have many products that are ideal, and here we give some ideas on what our staff and customers choose.

  • Survival bivy bag (NOTE: Thermal blanket are not usually acceptable): Sol Emergency Bivvy - Lightweight and ultra small.
  • Spare long sleeve thermal midlayer top (e.g fleece or similar - NOTE: a thin baselayer not usually accepted): Arc'teryx Atom SL, available in both Men's and Women's. The Light weight, lightly insulated version of some of out best selling insulation clothing - the Arc'teryx Atom range.

  • Head torch (with new batteries and 1 set of spare batteries or spare head torch): Petzl Nao, a powerful 550lm headlamp with variable reactive lighting that can dim when looking at maps.
  • Full lower body cover (full leggings OR compression socks with long compression shorts usually accepted): Ron Hill Tracksters - The classic race leggings.
  • Spare food (minimum 400K calories for emergency and must be there at the finish): 2  High Five Sports Bar's - each provide just over 200 Kcal, and are small and just 55g each.
  • Compass (with the ability to use it): Silva provide our go to compasses here at Up and Under, and the smallest baseplate model we have is the Field.
  • First aid kit (to include plasters, dressings, tape or bandage to secure dressing as minimum): Lifesystems Light and Dry Nano. - Designed with adventure racers in mind at just 95g
  • Map: This are sometimes provided, but it's always worth having your own Ordnance Survey May of the area for your recce's.
  • Means of carrying 1 litre of water: Ultimate Direction Trail Running vest with a Hydration reservoir - this is also the perfect means of carrying the rest of the kit mentioned here. The Adventure Vest Series, and the Fastpacks are both used regularly by Staff members
Many will also ask you to carry your mobile phone - don't forget to make sure it's fully charged, and also in a waterproof Aquapac case!

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