Arcteryx Atom SL Womens Review

Tried and tested by Heather from Up and Under

Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody Womens Review

When you’re in the Lakes a fell or two is a must, so, a good walk up Helvellyn was in order. Taking on Striding Edge, was a great trial for the jacket with mixed weather conditions it really showed me its true character.

Heather reviews the Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody Womens

As you can see on the photograph below there is some serious pocket room in this jacket, fitting in a map and all my food supplies easily.

Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody Review

Where does the Atom SL sit in your wardrobe of adventures?

The Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody Women's is the little sister of the Arcteryx Atom LT and more extreme Atom AR, being a much lighter version of the former. The general view of the two existing models was that they were too warm for when you really give it some welly when you’re out and about. That’s where the Atom SL sits comfortably.

Designed to keep you warm with its light insulation and wind resistant outer, but still pump out the heat through the light weight Torrent Fleece side panels. At a weight of 250g it has exceptional weight to warmth ratio compared to many other mid-layer pieces.

Striding Edge

Why I love it:

Arc’teryx has designed a very technical mid-layer which the techy geek in me loves! So why not buy fleece? Unlike fleece it does deter some of the wind, keeping the chill factor down, but it does lets some wind through – which is really refreshing!

Unlike fleece it also has water resistance, which can be a lifesaver in carrying kit. If there was only a small shower forecast, I could be confident in this little jacket that it would ward of a few small showers with ease. However on longer hikes I would always recommend taking your proper waterproofs to be on the safe side.

The Atom SL would be awesome for biking as it keeps the weather and most of the chill as you're speeding along, but will keep you really well regulated with some breeze passing through.

We stock a light colour of this but please don’t be deterred by this as the one I have has been washed and the mud and grass stains come out of it pretty well.

Little niggles:

I found that when there wasn’t any wind going uphill, that I would get quite warm in the British ‘summer-ish’ weather. But I found that it would dry quick if I became a ‘Sweaty Betty’.

The hood is a quirky little feature that seems a bit marmite in its character. I quite enjoyed it when it was windy or showery on top of the summit, but it can flap around when not worn if not tucked inside.  But on a plus it makes an ideal way to synch it down to fit in your backpack or as a wild camp pillow.

So, is the Atom SL a key piece for your wonder woman wardrobe?

I think for the UK market this is a great little number as a mid-layer for spring/autumn, but if you feel the cold easily when walking it’s a great summer piece too. Britain is well known for its mood swings with the weather so a great trick to have in your bag or even in your watersports warm clothes stash.


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