NEW RANGE: Petzl headtorches


The new and improved Tikkina. Still the simple, classic design as before but now brighter- 150 lumens, not 80. Also still fitted with a wide beam for proximity lighting, making it perfect for a range of activities like camping, hiking, walking or as a compact travel head torch. Also works well for daily activities like walking the dog, or checking that leak in the dark, damp cupboard. Standard battery time is 60h, with max autonomy being 220h- this is again better than the previous model. The Tikkina is now a hybrid model, so if a Petzl Core (sold separately) is purchased can be used with a USB rechargeable battery, or a normal battery.

Essentially the lowest budget head torch we offer- but still great!


Similarly to the Tikkina, the Tikka has been dramatically improved. Twice as bright than the previous model, at 200 lumens, not 100, this headtorch is great for proximity lighting and some movement: similar to that of the Tikkina, but will be a bit brighter. Standard battery time is 60h, with max autonomy being240h- this is again better than the previous model. Also fitted with a wide beam and is hybrid so can be used with the Petzl Core rechargeable battery (sold separately). The Tikka has a phosphorescent reflector that helps you to find the head-torch in the dark if misplaced. Red light setting helps preserve battery and prevents you blinding others in your group.

Slightly more technical and brighter that the Tikkina.

Reactik/ Reactik+

Both these head-torches use Reactik Technology. This adapts the light intensity of the head torch to what the user is doing, by using a sensor on the front of the torch. For example the light is automatically dimmer when looking at a map/ person in front of you and brighter when viewing long distances. This optimizesbattery life. A full beam setting can be selected if so desired. Also designed with a red beam that helps preserve your night vision and doesn't blind others. Both head torches have a lock/ unlock feature to ensure the head torch doesn't turn on in your bag and waste your battery. Are both hybrid so can be used with the Petzl Core rechargeable battery (sold separately). Both are programmable by using the MyPetzl Light mobile app. This enables you to check the battery level and adapt the head-torch settings to suit what activity you are completing, simply by logging on using your smart phone or tablet. On the app are set profiles (or you can design your own) and you can apply these to your headtorch settings.

Whats the difference?

The Reactik has a 220 Lumen output, whereas the Reactik+ has a 300 Lumen output. The Reactik+ has a longer battery life and will be brighter over a longer distance.

Reacik Reactik+

Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, whether you are trail running, mountaineering, trekking, backpacking, walking, hiking, climbing and much, much more. Definitely worth the extra cash for the reactive technology!


Offers 300 lumens and multiple light modes. Offers a wide and mixed beam patterns which is useful for a range of activities like hiking up to a summit at night, to reading your book at the campsite. The red light option is great as it preserves night vision and prevents blinding other members of your group. Fitted with a reflective headband so you can be seen on country lanes or roads. Fitted with a whistle.


Ideal for more active outdoor activities such as mountaineering, trail running, cycling and climbing.

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