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Lightweight  one person backpacking tent or two person mountain marathon tent.

The Lightwave t10 raid is the lightest tent that Lightwave makes. Even though only 1.45kg (complete) the t10 raid one person tunnel tent is still suitable for 3-4 season use and will handle any wind and rain and will provide service for many years. We also like this tent for 2 person mountain marathon use for the very friendly. Lightwave don’t see the point of making tents that won't withstand and keep the elements out. To keep weight low but endurance high the inner uses a lot of mesh so you may find you need to use a warmer sleeping bag when winter camping.

The t10 raid pitches inner-first as this gives: greater structural integrity, better flysheet tensioning, a more streamlined profile and thus a greater ability to withstand high winds, a lack of fiddly and bulky connecting mechanisms needed to secure the inner tent to the flysheet.

The Lightwave t10 raid has a 20 denier siliconised nylon flysheet which at 45g/m2 may seem a little heavy compared to some competition tents that are out ther, but Lightwave are reluctant to go into the ultralight fabrics that have poor longevity caused by use and UV-degradation. Depending on the amount of use, you may get 5-10 years usage from your t10 raid whereas flysheets made from 15 or even 10 denier yarns will have a short life suitable in extreme cases for only a couple of events.  Also they aren't very responsible in environmental terms as you would be replacing your tent much more often. The high-tenacity 20-denier nylon of the t10 raid has comparable tear resistance to Lightwaves 30 and 40 denier fabrics, but ultimately will not last as long in prolonged exposure to UV. Like all Lightwave tent flysheets it is silicone-coated on both sides (for water-resistance). Silicone coatings maintain the inherent strength of the fabric, whereas the conventional polyurethane (PU) coatings typically used on most tents reduce the tear strength by up to 70%.

The t10 raid groundsheet is made from a lightweight 50-denier taffeta (plain weave) nylon. The 50-denier fabric is a reasonable balance between the need to save weight and provide adequate protection from abrasion and moisture. It is recommended that you get a footprint for this tent to use when appropriate, i.e. when you know ground conditions are going to be harsh, or weight being carried (a footprint is an additional 200 g) is not quite so critical.

The use of DAC Featherlite poles on the t 10 raid is because they have proved themselves time and again as the most reliable of the lighter weight alloys (i.e. non 7001-T6 alloy which is employed in probably 90% of all backpacking tents in the world.)

The t10 raid has a mixture of Lightwave Lightning and Flash pegs. Lightning pegs are similar in weight to most standard pegs, but are substantially stronger and capable of living with some serious abuse. Costing four times as much as normal wire pegs, these are seldom seen on all but the most highly specified and expensive tents. Supplementing these for non-critical peg-points are the Flash pegs (which are literally “half a Lightning peg”).

  • 1.45kg
  • Flysheet: 45 g/m2, 20d nylon 6.6 ripstop, silicone-coated both sides, 3000 mm hydrostatic head.
  • Groundsheet: 70 g/m2, 50d nylon taffeta, 3-pass PU-coated
  • 5000 mm hydrostatic head, factory-taped seams.
  • Inner canopy: 25g/m2, 15d nylon 6.6 ripstop, DWR treated
  • Poles: DAC 8.84 mm Featherlite (aluminium alloy)
  • Pegs: Lightning pegs, 11 g each, square section, Flash pegs, 7 g each, rectangular section
  • Guylines: 2.00 mm nylon, 3 m length, Linelok adjusters


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