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LED Caving Lamp or LED Headlamp for Caving

The Scurion Basic is one of the best LED Caving Lamps that's currently available. The Basic, offers all the same great features and levels of performance as the Speleo, however it comes with a different style of battery box.

has developed the Basic 1500 to offer some of the best levels of lighting available, while also featuring it with a a  pure white LED. If you would rather opt for a warm white LED and slightly less power you could look at the Basic 1200.  Two further models in the Scurion Basic range also offer a choice of Warm or Pure White LEDs. These include the Basic 900 and also the Basic 700.

All of the Scurion Basic models come as a package. The Scurion Basic 1500 and also Basic 1200 come supplied with a headset, a plastic battery box, 2 x 4 C battery modules and also a mains powered battery charger. It is worth noting that the Basic 900 and the Basic 700 comes with very similar set of contents, however they only come with the 1 x 4 cell battery module.

Scurion has designed the Basic LED Caving lamp to feature 2 different LEDs. The one LED gives a focused beam, while the second LED is there to a give a much wider light spread. The Basic system can also be tailored to suit your exact requirements with regards to the power levels.In addition to the great features above.

The Scurion Basic also features a split connector in the power lead, this is located between the head set and the battery pack. In the event that you want to "tuck" the battery away you can lengthen the cable with the addition of an extension cable. This adds about 110cm of extra length, this then gives you the chance to keep the battery in side your caving oversuit to reduce the weight on the head. 

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • IP67 Rated
  • Aluminium Headset
  • Plastic Battery Box
  • Multiple Power Outputs
  • --------------------
  • - 1500- Pure White Light
  • - 650 Spot - 650 Room
  • --------------------
  • - 1200 - Warm White Light
  • - 420 Spot - 420 Room
  • --------------------
  • - 900 - Pure White
  • - 250 - Spot - 550 Room
  • --------------------
  • - 900 - Warm White
  • - 160 - Spot - 420 Room
  • --------------------
  • - 700 - Pure White
  • - 250 - Spot - 250 Room
  • --------------------
  • - 700 - Warm White
  • - 160 - Spot - 160 Room
  • --------------------
  • Basic 1500 / Basic 1200 Pack includes
  • - Head lamp
  • - Plastic Battery Case
  • - 2 x 4 M Battery Modules
  • - Charger (with UK Plug adapter)
  • --------------------
  • Basic 900 / Basic 700 Pack includes
  • - Head lamp
  • - Plastic Battery Case
  • - 1 x 4 M Battery Module
  • - Charger - (with UK Plug adapter)
  • --------------------


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