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Camming Devices Products

£159.01 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Friend Set Wild Country
Friend Set

With three lightweight cams, the Wild Country Friend set is essential on any trad climber's rack.

£80.81 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Camalot C4 Ultralight Black Diamond
Camalot C4 Ultralight

Ultralight camming device with thumb loop and dyneema sling.

£76.32 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Camalot X4 Black Diamond
Camalot X4

A cross between Metolius Master Cams and Black Diamond Camalot C4 camming devices the Black Diamond Camalot X4 is designed for use in peg scars and other shallow and slim cracks.

£71.51 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Cam Totem

Totem Cams are camming devices that work in shallow and marginal placements, are the favourite cam of Andy Kirkpatrick, and have massive holding power and versatility. Awesome!

£59.06 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Friend Wild Country

It's always better climbing with friends! Updated version of the original camming device.

£58.37 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Camalot C4 Black Diamond
Camalot C4

The expansion range and strength of the previous Camalot has been retained, but with a 15% reduction in weight (30% less than the original version).

£56.69 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Dragonfly Cam DMM
Dragonfly Cam

The smallest cam on the market!! Dragonfly micro cams are on another level! Small, light, super flexible the answer to all your prayers.

£40.22 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Ballnutz Trango

Trango Ballnutz use a sliding ball-and-ramp that wedge against each other to hold in small parallel-sided cracks. Their holding power is such that they give excellent strength and fit where previously you could...

£6.64 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Camming-Devices Trigger Kit C4 Black Diamond
Trigger Kit C4

Black Diamond Trigger kit for the current C4 Camalot, includes replacement trigger wires and instructions

£4.91 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Cleaning-and-Reproofing Cam Lube Metolius
Cam Lube

Metolius Cam Lube is a specially formulated lubricant that keeps your cams running smoothly.

Camming Devices

Camming devices have become a part of most racks, and not just those operating at high standards on grit or granite. We recommend that you look for placements for single component protection (wires etc) before resorting to these devices, but these days most climbers find cams indispensable. Firstly they can be placed where other gear just doesn't work, ie parallel sided and slightly flared cracks. They are often easier to place than other forms of protection and can be placed rapidly when in extremis.

Black Diamond

The single axled Camalot C3 and double-axled Camalot C4 from Black Diamond offer and immense coverage of sizes from a minute 7.8mm to 22.6mm in the case of the C3's (our smallest range of cams) and from 13.8mm to a massive 195mm in the case of the C4's. The C4's were revamped in 2007 to become around 15% lighter while still retaining the same strength and legendary expansion range on each of the 10 sizes.


DMM Cam 4CU's are designed to be light and functional. This is certainly the case. They use a parallel looped wire stem and include camstops. The devices are well colour coded in both the camsand the 11mm dyneema sling. The device allows three different clipping positions; on the loop of the device for placements where you want as little extension as possible, the sling when doubled (standard setting) or with the sling lengthened fully. This further saves weight as you will need less quickdraws to extend them.

DMM have now created two sets which save a little money too! These have sizes 1, 2 and 3 or sizes 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5.

To rival the Black Diamond Camalot, DMM have now created the Dragon Cams. These twin axled beasts have a large expension range as you would expect and are fitted with doubled 8mm dyneema sling that can extend out to 25cm. It's worth checking these out as they are lighter than the Black Diamond Camalots.


The Metolius Supercam offers something a little different. Coming from their base in the US where long parallel splitter cracks are common you need devices where each cams covers very wide size range, ie you don't want to buy a box load of camming devices that are all the same size, but if the amount of overlap on the devices is significant you can buy a range of them and hopefully protect your parallel crack just as well. For short routes they also have the advantage that if you know you will only get one or two cam placements you don't have to carry so many to make sure you have the right size, you can just go with a couple on your harness.

Camming devices and cam maintenance are the name of the game here. Cam lube will keep your cams in good condition for longer or give them a service if they have been neglected


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Environmental Responsibility

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