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Trousers and Shorts Products

£154.30 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Clothing Soft-Shell Schoeller-Powershield-etc. Gamma AR Pant Men's Arc'teryx
Gamma AR Pant Men's

4 season hardcore softshell pant; durable, stretchy, windproof, and water resistant nylon softshell trousers for climbing, mountaineering or trekking. You can feel the quality!

£97.90 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Clothing Soft-Shell Highland Pant Marmot
Highland Pant

Excellent multisport, weather resistant all year round trouser with amazing breathability. Durable and stretchy softshell with reinforced high-wear areas, perfect for that epic adventure...that is life!

£97.90 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Wm's Highland Pant Marmot
Wm's Highland Pant

Ladies meet your ideal all season trouser. These Softshell Trousers are weather resistant, hard-wearing and super stretchy! Ideal for multi sport use, lightweight enough for summer but robust enough for some wi...

Special Offer £90.99 (inc Vat)
You save 30%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Gamma LT Pant Women's Arc'teryx
Gamma LT Pant Women's

A soft-shell trouser cut and built to flatter and flow with a ladies figure. These fabulous trousers should be part of any outdoor ladies adventure kit!

£88.64 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Sabria Pant Women's Arc'teryx
Sabria Pant Women's

Technical hiking pant with a streamlined trim fit and performance stretch.

£88.64 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Perimeter Pant Men's Arc'teryx
Perimeter Pant Men's

A midweight and stretchy pant, perfect for climbing and hiking.

£71.72 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Gravity Pant Wms Rab
Gravity Pant Wms

Beautiful yet, quirky trousers with a soft stretch fabric. Excellent features for everyday use and climbing specific activities.

£68.10 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Clothing Soft-Shell Sabria Short Women's Arc'teryx
Sabria Short Women's

Women' s versatile hiking short with a streamlined flattering fit and excellent stretch. beautifully cut with a flat and wide yoga waist for comfort under waist belts.

£66.84 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers W's Hampi Rock Pants Patagonia
W's Hampi Rock Pants

Super comfy trousers for town, yoga or crag! Perfect all round pant with a yoga waist band to make them super flattering and comfortable under a waist belt.

Special Offer £65.99 (inc Vat)
You save 22%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers West Wall Jean Marmot
West Wall Jean

Marmot West Wall Jean are alassic, stretchy outdoor performance trousers, perfect for climbing, bouldering or casual wear after a day outdoors.

Special Offer £62.99 (inc Vat)
You save 30%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Rampart Pant Men's Arc'teryx
Rampart Pant Men's

Lightweight travel and trekking trouser that is super durable and well fitting.

£61.46 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts Trousers Women's Lobo's Convertible Pant Marmot
Women's Lobo's Convertible Pant

Welcome to leg heaven!

Waterproof over-trousers can be found in their own section here and heavier soft shell trousers can be found in the Soft Shell Clothing section. For everything else, read on.

The type of leg wear that is most suited to your needs is going to be dictated firstly by conditions. Obviously shorts are great for warm, dry conditions when you're not suffering from sun burn, whilst trousers suit most other cases. Cotton fabrics tend to suit warm dry conditions too, and feature in our casual and summer cragging wear ranges. 

The majority of our trousers are poly/cotton, as this mix provides a good level of comfort from the cotton and a good degree of wicking, quick drying and durability from the man-made fibres.. The designs of most of these products is casual, and ideal for travel and less demanding outdoor use. They come in a variety of leg lengths, and there is a model with zip-off legs for men and for women. There is also a warm microfibre-lined winter trouser that's great for the colder months.

Old-school climbers will already know and love the classic Troll Omni Pants. They are comfy, and easy to move in, great for climbing, bouldering, and lazing about, not to mention very light and quick drying. We stock the Omni Guide version which has re-inforced contrasting coloured knee patches giving a mountain guide look to them.

Technical mountaineering trousers in the main utilise man-made fibres for light weight, quick drying, wind resistance and durability.

Thicker and more durable climbing and mountaineering options can be found in the Soft Shell Clothing section.

Runners and those favouring leggings should take a look at our Running Shorts and Running Leggings within our running section.

Last but not least we have the old favourite, Ron Hill Tracksters. These are still popular, and still the bottoms of choice for runners, but also often seen on walkers and climbers all over the country. The kid's version can be found here too.


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Walking The Brecon Beacons Buy and Talk Day

We are delighted to invite all members of Walking the Brecon Beacons Facebook group on May 3rd to a jam-packed day full of talks from Up and Under staff and WTBB guru and renowned International Mountain Leader, Alan Ward. If that's not enough to "peak" your interested - see what I did there - from 12-8pm you can benefit from special discounts and get the opportunity to quiz Alan after 2pm on anything from trekking and travelling through countries such as Nepal, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Peru, Chile and China, to Mountain Training and National Navigation Award Scheme training courses.
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Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Races

Up and Under are proud to be involved with the 3 Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Races in May 2018. Run Britains only Coastal National Trail the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path as a 180m 5 day race. Alternatively run a 100 mile section either in one go or as a 3 day event. Long cut off times mean these events suit runners and long distance walkers alike and are super friendly and serious fun.
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