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Black - Personalized

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CEP CloneTech Recovery Tights

These made to measure recovery tights to help you minimize your recovery time between events to help you achieve peak performance. The most efficient way to recharge your body is recovery by compression. An ergonomic compression profile promotes circulation and speeds up the removal of waste products, meaning reduced soreness, no tired legs and more energy in quicker time, so you are ready sooner for your next training session or competition. Come in and see Chris or El for a measurement. Measuring requires several relatively intimate measurements so be prepared to strip to your underwear.

Stress and Recovery Phases:

During intense sporting activity, the body processes large quantities of nutrients and oxygen to make energy available to muscles. This leads to the generation of significant quantities of waste products (such as lactate) which build up in the muscles and need to be shuttled out again. During sustained training sesssions or competitions, the musces tire and performance drops. The body needs time to recover from the after-effects of this stress (which may vary in intensity depending on the specific sport and session). During this recovery period, the body's energy reservors are refilled and necessary repair work is carried out.

Rapid Recovery:

It is important to use recovery periods (which are often very short) as well as possible, especially during the tough phases of endurance training and in competition, in order to hit peak performance on time, every time. Compression can support athletes effectively in this respect: steady pressure exerted on the muscles promotes circulation and helps ensure waste products are transprted away efficiently. As well as accelerating recovery, it has been proven that compression also reduces discomfort and fatigue.

Time gains and greater comfort:

Thin, seamless medi compression fabric, a custom fit and wide waistbands ensure the tights are comfortable even when worn under everyday clothing. Athletes who don't have the time or facilities for additional massages, ice baths and so on can get "ready to go" again quickly with these tights.


All human bodies are unique and off-the-shelf products can only map the human shape to a limited extent. CEP's unique compression technology relicates the contours of individual anatomy precisely. Thanks to decades of experience with custom-fit compression products, we can guarantee for both wearing comfort and their effectiveness. To work perfectly, after all, products first have to fit perfectly.

Wearing compression clothing has now become a key pillar in recovery management. in some sports, athletes see it as even more valuable than tried and tested methods like massages or ice baths.


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