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Kayak Outfitting Products

£78.53 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Seating Seat with Seat Liner Pyranha
Seat with Seat Liner

£65.30 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Footrests Full Plate Footrest Pyranha
Full Plate Footrest

£60.74 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Backrests Ratchet Backband Upgrade Kit Pyranha
Ratchet Backband Upgrade Kit

The Pyranha Ratchet Backband upgrade kit comes with all you need to upgrade your kayak. This kayak upgrade kit contains a selection of pieces that will fine tune your Pyranha kayak to take its comfort and perfo...

£55.75 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Footrests Yakima Footrests P & H Company
Yakima Footrests

Yakima Footrests comprise of a metal bar that fits to the side of the kayak, with a foot pedal that can slide along this bar. The pedal is secured and moved via a trigger mechanism that is located on the rear o...

£49.67 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Additional-Storage Daybox Kajak Sport

£47.66 (inc Vat)
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Sea-Kayak-Outfitting Hatches-and-Rims Oval Original Hatch Kajak Sport
Oval Original Hatch

The Kajak Sport sea kayak hatch covers are made from a high quality rubber; these rubber hatch covers are available in two different sizes of 42 x 30 and 44 x 26. Kajak Sport hatch covers are used on the majori...

£39.24 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Footrests Twistlock Footrest Pyranha
Twistlock Footrest

The Pyranha Twistlock footrest is a high quality unit that gives moderate support and offers easy adjustment. The twistlock kayak footrest has a larger foot support that many other systems making it comfier to ...

£39.24 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Foam-Bouyancy-Pillars Central Bouyancy Pillar Minicell Foam Pyranha
Central Bouyancy Pillar Minicell Foam

£39.05 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Hatch-Covers Oval Domed Hatch Cover Dagger
Oval Domed Hatch Cover

The Dagger Domed hatch cover is oval in shape and will fit a number of different kayaks. It features an internal foam gasket to give the best seal possible. This kayak hatch cover features a dual plastic rubber...

£36.96 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Footrests Badger Alloy Footrests Canoe Polo Zone
Badger Alloy Footrests

The Badger alloy footrest, a great option for canoe polo kayaks. They are easily fitted to the boat, simply by drilling two holes in the kayak and bolting through the boat into the slider bars. To adjust the fo...

£35.83 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Thigh-Braces Two-Piece Precision Adjustable Thighbrace Dagger
Two-Piece Precision Adjustable Thighbrace

£35.50 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Kayak-Outfitting Skegs Retractable Skeg Pyranha
Retractable Skeg

The Pyranha retractable skeg, a great upgrade for selected kayaks. It will help to keep you in a straight line thus improving your directional stability. This kayak skeg will only fit selected kayaks that have ...


Freya Hoffmeister: How to be a Doer

World-renowned ocean kayaker, Freya Hoffmeister, is coming to Up and Under on the 13th February to give a talk on her adventures circumnavigating South America. We asked Freya what drives her to take on such daring challenges and how we can be inspired to do the same...
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Patagonia Sample Sale

Patagonia Sample Sale with all proceeds going to the Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure in memory of Up and Under and Patagonia staff member and friend Andrew Foster. Thursday 22nd February 2018 12:00-20:00. Providing huge savings on Patagonia Fall 2017 product and supporting a great charity.
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A very sad day for Up and Under

Please read the attached for our statement about the loss of our friend. Includes link to Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure in Andy Foster's memory.
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