Pyranha Ripper Stout 2


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River Play Kayak or River Play Boat

The Pyranha Ripper, a river running playboat that has been designed around the Ethos #FastIsFun. The Ripper is available in two sizes for the near perfect fit.

Pyranha has designed the Ripper

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Ripper - Small
  • Boat Length - 274cm
  • Boat Width - 59cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 40-75kg
  • Boat Weight - 20kg
  • Cockpit Size 95 x 50cm
  • Volume - 216 Litres
  • --------------------
  • Ripper - Medium
  • Boat Length - 274cm
  • Boat Width - 62cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 65-90Kg
  • Boat Weight - 20kg
  • Cockpit Size 95 x 50cm
  • Volume - 235 Litres
  • --------------------
  • Ripper - Large
  • Boat Length - 274cm
  • Boat Width - 63cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 75-125Kg
  • Boat Weight - 21kg
  • Cockpit Size 97 x 54cm
  • Volume - 271 Litres
  • -------------------
  • Pyranha Stout 2 Outfitting
  • - Padded Stout Seat
  • - Adjustable Stout 2 Hip Pads
  • - Stout 2 Thigh Grips with opt
  • - - with adjustable hooker as an optional extra
  • Padded Backrest
  • - Controlled by ratchets
  • Front and Rear Grab Handles
  • Security Tie in points
  • Adjustable Bulkhead Footrest
  • Rear Drain Plug
  • --------------------


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