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Creeking Kayak or Kayak Creek Boat

The Pyranha Machno Sout 2 is the one of the top choices for a kayak creek boat. The Machno Stout 2 comes in 3 different sizes options, combined with the Stout 2 Outfitting, If your looking to paddle steep creeks with ease, comfort and unmatched performance the Machno is the boat to go for!

Pyranha has designed the Machno in three size options for the perfect fit. The Machno Stout 2 features a high volume design for ease of getting through large features whilst the curved deck peaks make it easy for doing an eskimo roll. The extreme bow rocker makes it efficient for paddling and to alsoensure its very easy for that all important boof move. After the big boof move you will then appreciate the wide curved planing hull, this will give a lovely soft landing. With slightly softer edges that those featured on the Burn III, this is a bit more forgiving in shallower water and also on features such as rock slides as it removes the trip hazard. The softened walls also then help to remove sidewards pressure in strong currents, again this makes for a much easier paddle. All of this combined with the Pyranha Stout 2 Outfitting is featured around a large easy access cockpit. The cockpit features a comfortable adjustable seat which is also padded, an adjustable padded backrest offers further support. The tension of the backrest is controlled by ratchet buckles that are located in the adjustable thigh grips. The best levels of safety and impact protection is then achieved by an adjustable bulkhead footrest, whilst multi positioned  deck grab handles make for easy of man handling and also offer clipping points in the event of an emergency.

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Small
  • Boat Length - 257cm
  • Boat Width - 66cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 45-80Kg
  • Boat Weight - 20Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 92.5 x 49.5cm
  • Volume - 276 Litres
  • --------------------
  • Medium
  • Boat Length - 265cm
  • Boat Width - 66.5cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 60-100Kg
  • Boat Weight - 21.5Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 94.5 x 50cm
  • Volume - 308 Litres
  • --------------------
  • Large
  • Boat Length - 274cm
  • Boat Width - 67cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 75-130Kg
  • Boat Weight - 23Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 95 x 53.5cm
  • Volume 368 Litres
  • --------------------
  • Designed in the United Kingdom
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Available in 3 sizes for the optimum fit
  • - Small
  • - Medium
  • - Large
  • --------------------
  • Stout 2 Outfitting
  • Padded Seat
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Padded Backrest
  • Ratchet Controlled Backrest
  • Padded Thigh Braces
  • Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Adjustable Bulkhead Footrest
  • Drinks Bottle Holder.
  • Front and Rear Grab Handles
  • Front and Rear Security Grab / Mounting Points
  • --------------------


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