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White / Turquoise


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Folding Canoe or Flat Pack Canoe

The MYCANOE Canoe Version 2.5 is a fantastic way to take to the water, especially when transporting and storing a Canadian Canoe is an issue. This folding canoe will solve all of these issues.

MYCANOE has designed this folding canoe to be easy and simple to use, while also being very easy to transport and very simple to store. This folding canoe comes in two packages. The smaller bag contains the seats, folding gunnels, and the bracing units while the large flatter package contains the shell of the canoe itself.

When arriving at the water, its very simple to open / unfold the canoe shell, the packaging is then inserted to reinforce the floor. There are four bracing parts, two larger and 2 smaller. These are then easily and simply located into position using the eyelets on the side of the boat. The canoe gunnels can be be unfolded and clipped onto the top of the shell, these are then held firmly in place by the Velcro securing straps. Once the folding canoe has got the majority of its shape the end decks and end braces can both be folded down into position.

The material that has been used for this folding canoe is a marine grade corrugated polypropylene which is double thickness for enhanced durability and performance. This material is custom manufactured for MYCANOE. The prefolded seam lines have all been tested and will easily withstand 20,000 folds, which MYCANOE suggests is about 30 years. 

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Length - 448cm
  • Width - 88.9cm
  • Depth - TBC
  • Weight - 23.6kg
  • Recommended Load - 182kg
  • Maximum Load - 200kg
  • --------------------
  • Marine Grade Corrugated Polypropylene Shell
  • Double Thickness Shell
  • 8 Seating Positions
  • Heavy Duty Rubber skid plates
  • Folding Gunnels
  • Rubber End Decks
  • --------------------


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