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Greenland-Paddles Greenland Stick TNP
Greenland Stick

The TNP Greenland Stick, a wooden sea kayak paddle that is made from a combination of cedar and spruce. This wooden Greenland kayak paddle is then impregnated with natural oils to keep it preserved. This sea ka...


Sweet Protection - The Iconic Logo!

Sweet Protection has had a classic logo since the launch of the Strutter all that time ago back in 1997. The Sweet Kayak helmet brand is well known for that big shiny "S". Sadly, this year it is going to change.
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White Water Consultancy (International) Ltd

White Water Consultancy has been a popular name in the world of Canoe and Kayak retail for many years now. Sadly, with the excessive floods that were seen in Llandysul and Bronwydd in late 2018, they've had to close their doors for the final time.
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Baileys is closed down... but we're still here!

Sadly, Baileys The Army Store in Cardiff has closed down. Thankfully, we're here to fulfil all your bushcraft needs!
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