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Adventure Parks and High Ropes Courses

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Beal Air-Smith

From £13.81 inc. VAT

Beal Hands Up


£52.99 inc. VAT £46.00 inc. VAT

Beal O'Smith

From £10.80 inc. VAT

Beal Transf'air Fixe


£14.99 inc. VAT £13.01 inc. VAT

Beal Transf'air Mini


£19.99 inc. VAT £17.53 inc. VAT

Beal Transf'air Twin B


The Beal Transf'air Twin B is a tandem pulley that's ideal for zip lines and high level traverses. This pulley features two stainless steel wheel that run in parallel. They are also mounted on ball bearings. The stainless steel wheels give good stability and are ideal for use on rope or cables. The ball bearings give greater and more consistent efficiency, despite whether they are heavily or lightly loaded. The eyelet is large enough to take three karabiners, while the entire unit has its own individual serial number of ease of PPE inspections. General Features -------------------- Rated for EN 12278 Stainless Steel Sheaves - 2 of in tandem - Increased stability Sheaves are mounted on ball bearings - for Greater Efficient - More consistent levels of speed regardless of loaded weight Will work on Rope or Cable - up to 12mm cable - up to 13mm rope Individual serial number --------------------

£46.99 inc. VAT £40.78 inc. VAT

Camp Turbochest


£70.00 inc. VAT £61.46 inc. VAT

DMM 10mm Equal D

From £10.62 inc. VAT

DMM 10mm Oval

From £10.62 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Boa HMS

From £13.27 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Klettersteig

From £13.27 inc. VAT

DMM 12mm Offset D

From £13.27 inc. VAT

DMM I-Beam Steel Klettersteig


The DMM I-Beam Klettersteig is a steel karabiner that is available with three different gate optionsGeneral Features -------------------- Steel karabiner Locking karabiner 3 locking variations - Screwgate - Kwiklock - Locksafe I-Beam Construction - Lighter than it's solid bar equivalent with all the benefits Zinc Plated 25mm Gate Opening Ideal for belaying Large gate opening Strengths - End to end - 48kN(Gate Closed) - End to end - 20kN(Gate Open) - Side to side - 16kN Individually marked serial numbers --------------------

£15.50 inc. VAT £13.73 inc. VAT

DMM I-Beam Steel Ultra O

From £11.51 inc. VAT

DMM Pear Shaped Scaffold Hook


£47.99 inc. VAT £42.50 inc. VAT

Edelrid Burden Bag


For use when the belayer is considerably lighter than the climber.Weight: 350 g

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.05 inc. VAT