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A canoe or kayak cag (or cagoule) is an over-the-head style jacket that has seals on the waist, wrist and neck. The cag offers protection from wind and rain while the seals help to keep water out.

Styles of Canoe Cag - Kayak Cag

  • Centre - These are the often the most basic kayaking cags that we sell. They are designed to be tough, durable and easy to use. The seals on them are basic but effective. More often than not, they will then feature a colour coding system that enables the use to identify them easily by colour or easily visible labels. This style of kayaking cag will often feature elasticized waists with basic adjustable neoprene seals on wrist with neoprene adjustable necks seals.
  • Recreation - The recreational kayaking cag is aimed at new comers to the world of paddle sport. They offer good basic levels of protection from the wind, rain and sun while still being functional and offering good performance. The neck, wrists and waist seals usually have good levels of adjustment and more often than not are made of neoprene.
  • Sea and Touring - A sea kayaking cag is more often than not fitted with a large hood to offer greater levels of protection. They then have a mixture of single waist seals or double waist seals. A double waist seal helps t create a better more water tight seal when worn in conjunction with a pair of kayaking trousers or a spray deck. As the cags becomes higher specification they then start to incorporate latex wrists seals.
  • Whitewater - River cags come in a few different styles: summer weight, semi dry and dry, and the quality of wrist and waist seals varies from basic velco closures to combinations of latex and neoprene. Double waist seals, for example, will give you less leakage around the spray deck.
  • Cag Decks - Cag decks are a combination of a spray deck sewn into the Cag, and will stop any leakage between the two. Often used for competition and training, they can also be used for other types of paddling.
Many of these cags work well combined with wetsuits when you are starting out, but to get the most from the top end of cags it is recommended that they are combined with waterproof canoeing pants of some kind.

To beat the protection offered by the top end of sea and river cags, the next option is to move to Drysuits.

To keep your cag working in tip top condition we suggest some maintenance is carried out on it periodically, if you look after the seals and keep the items clean they can look after you for a long time.

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