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Climbing - Instruction - Mountain Skills

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Climbing - Instruction - Mountain Skills Knots


A clear introduction to the world of knots, from the practical to the decorative. Illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to master over 50 knots. Step-by-step instructions to tying over 50 knots from the essential to the decorative. A practical guide for sailers, moutaineers and campers as well as those who would like to try their hand at more decorative knots.

£5.99 inc. VAT £5.45 inc. VAT

David & Charles Mountain Skills Training Handbook


This is a complete guide to all aspects of climbing and mountaineering across the seasons for both instructors and amateur climbers alike.

£16.99 inc. VAT £15.45 inc. VAT

Falcon Guides Knots for the Outdoors


A fully illustrated guide describing all kinds of knots useful in the outdoor environment. Outdoor Knots is the latest in Falcon's popular Pocket Guide series and delivers relevant, expertly curated content in a convenient, travel-ready package. Outdoor skills expert and veteran author Cliff Jacobson provides readers with accessible information on choosing the best knot for the situation, tying different types of common knots and hitches, selecting the best kinds of rope, and much more.

£8.95 inc. VAT £8.14 inc. VAT

Mountain Training Winter Skills - The Official Handbook of Mountain Training's winter schemes, Vol 3


Winter Skills is packed with essential information and techniques for climbers and walker.

£19.95 inc. VAT £18.15 inc. VAT

Mountaineers Books Alpine Climbing: Techniques To Take You Higher


Illustrated with more than 150 photographs, Alpine Climbing will teach you how to move quickly and efficiently over rock, snow, ice and glaciers. The book also describes understanding the alpine environment, selecting the right gear, movement and protective skills and route planning and timing.

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.18 inc. VAT

Mountaineers Books Climbing: Expedition Planning


This "how-to" guide to expedition planning will take you through all the steps to get your expedition off the ground. It is an essential guide for planning, organising and leading expeditions, whether your team is large or small.

£15.99 inc. VAT £14.54 inc. VAT

Patagonia Training for the New Alpinism - A Manual for the Climber as Athlete


Training for the New Alpinism translates theory into application to allow you to coach yourself to any mountaineering goal. Steve House, one of the best, and his trainer Scott Johnston present training plans for weekend warriors as well as the world's best mountaineers. Filled with photos, graphs, illustrations, and anecdotes.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.74 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Alpine Mountaineering - Essential Knowledge for Budding Alpinists


This is a complete introduction to Alpine mountaineering. If you are planning your first trip to the Alps or anxious to improve on your performance on previous trips, you need this book. Everything you need to know is here and none of the issues are ducked. From dealing with hut guardians to moving roped together.

£16.99 inc. VAT £15.45 inc. VAT
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