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From £65.39 ex. VAT

Badger Alloy Footrests


The Badger alloy footrest, a great option for canoe polo kayaks. They are easily fitted to the boat, simply by drilling two holes in the kayak and bolting through the boat into the slider bars. To adjust the footrest you pull the outside edge of the pedal towards you and then slide the joint up or down the adjustment bar.

£32.92 ex. VAT £32.01 ex. VAT

CXT (Carbon Extreme) Shaft

From £58.03 ex. VAT

Double Action Pump


The Rucanor water polo ball features a compact body of 6" long while the handle then adds an extra 2". It comes supplied with a flexible connector and also the ball pin. The ball pin stores away easily into the handle while the flex connector clips to the side of the pump for easy storage. General Features -------------------- Small and Compact Supplied with - Pump - Flexi Connector - Ball Pin T Handle Ball pin stores in the top of the handle Flexi Connector secures to the side of the pump --------------------

£9.99 ex. VAT £9.02 ex. VAT

G Spots Plus Polo CXT

From £199.96 ex. VAT

G Spots Plus Polo HDG

From £179.57 ex. VAT

Glide Elite Leverlock


The Streamlyte Glide Elite is a wing paddle that is ideal for kayak racing. Some paddlers also choose to use a wing paddle for sea kayaking. This kayak racing paddles features carbon blades that incorporate a high performance foil shape. These carbon paddle blades are then mounted on a two piece carbon paddle shaft. The kayak paddle joint is a leverlock system which does several things. Firstly it splits the paddle in two, secondly in alters the angle of feather and finally it also alters the length by up to 10cm. General Features -------------------- High performance foil shaped blades Carbon Blades Carbon Paddle Shaft - 2 Piece Leverlock paddle joint - Changes the angle of feather - Increases the length of the paddle by up to 10cm - Splits the paddle in two - Easy to use --------------------

£275.83 ex. VAT £259.56 ex. VAT

Hand Pump


The Mikasa water polo ball pump comes supplied with a flexible connection hose and also the pin that goes into the ball. This water polo ball pump measures 20cm x 3cm and features a single barrel. The t handle makes it easy to use. General Features -------------------- Supplied with Pump - Flexible Inflation tube - Ball Adapter T Handle for easy pumping Size of Pump - 20cm x 3cm --------------------

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.27 ex. VAT

HDG (Heavy Duty Glass) Shaft

From £33.72 ex. VAT

K102 Polo Carbon


The Ainsworth K102 kayak polo paddles are a great entry level option. They are available in both a titanium alloy shaft or a carbon shaft.General Features -------------------- AFT technology blades - Lighweight - Buoyant - Tough - Durable Choice of paddle shafts - Titanium enriched alloy - Carbon Fibre Built to meet current polo regulations --------------------

£91.66 ex. VAT £81.58 ex. VAT

Kayak Bumpers

From £19.31 ex. VAT

Kayak Bumpers

From £6.67 ex. VAT

Kinetic Polo CXT

From £199.96 ex. VAT

Kinetic Polo HDG

From £179.57 ex. VAT

Kinetic S Polo CXT

From £199.96 ex. VAT

Kinetic S Polo HDG

From £179.57 ex. VAT