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Products here help stop water ingress where it's not wanted. Surfer's Ear can be a major problem and a set of ear plugs can go a long way towards reducing the causes.

If you spend a lot of time upside down, then a nose plug can help. Whether you're practising your rolling in a pool, or spending time at your local playspot, there are products here for you.
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Doc's ProPlugs ProPlugs Vented

From £21.13 inc. VAT

Peak UK Beaker Blocker

From £5.50 inc. VAT

Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug


The Shamen Products Smiley Nose Plug is the perfect soltion for keeping the water out of your nose whilst whitewater kayaking. This kayaking noseplug, comes fitted with a small cord lanyard. This means that when you are kayak playboating, you can secure it to your canoe helmet to keep it secure.

£7.00 inc. VAT

SurfEars SurfEars 3.0

From £35.00 inc. VAT