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Palm Maverick G1 Aluminium Paddle

The Palm Maverick G1 Aluminium Paddle is a great entry level option that is perfect for both use in the kayak club and also for the individual paddler. This beginner kayak paddle will offer you the ability to learn and perfect all the basic strokes in the swimming pool. It will also be suitable for making the transition to open water kayaking. The Maverick G1 Aluminium will also then take you onto entry level whitewater kayaking. This entry level kayak paddle features asymmetric glass reinforced polypropylene paddle blades; these are then mounted on an alumini9um paddle shaft. The paddle shaft is also plastic wrapped where you hold it; this gives a visual indication to make sure your hands are correctly spaced.

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Robson Rush PE FG


The Robson Rush PE FG, an entry level kayak paddle that is perfect for whitewater kayaking. This whitewater kayak features a fiberglass paddle shaft; this is then fitted with a pair of PE plastic paddle blades. The paddle shaft also incorporates a slight oval where you would hold the paddle. This helps to give you an indication of where the paddle blades are angled whilst trying to do an eskimo roll.

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