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Beal Air-Step


The air-step is designed to be easily adjustable even whilst wearing gloves thanks to its large buckle. Placing of the foot into the step is also facilitated by a stiffer bottom of the loop to hold its shape. The foot loop also has an on/off adjustment meaning that it will tighten up to the foot when in the on position, then in the off position the users foot is free to come out of the loop.

£17.99 inc. VAT £16.55 inc. VAT

Petzl Footape Adjustable


The Footape foot loop is designed for aid climbing, mountaineering and caving but is also suitable for multi-pitch climbing. The Footape is intended to be used with the Ascension or Basic ascenders. A mini DoubleBack buckle allows for quick and easy adjustment of the length of the foot loop. The foot loop is made of reinforced nylon webbing making it durable, comfortable and easy to use.

£18.76 inc. VAT £16.63 inc. VAT

Petzl Footcord


Used with an ascension ascender (also sold on our website) for handled rope ascents. Made of 100% Dyneema for increased durability and ease of use. Simply step into the elastic loop with your foot for use, great with any type of shoe. Plate for adjusting foot loop length.

£24.94 inc. VAT £22.12 inc. VAT

Petzl Looping


Looping is a 4-step etrier designed for aid climbing and mountaineering but can also be used for multi-pitch climbing and caving. Wide, reinforced nylon webbing makes placing your feet easy while providing abrasion resistance.

£41.89 inc. VAT £37.15 inc. VAT