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Karabiners and Connectors

For use in any situation where strength or corrosion resistance are more important than weight. Where a 30kN strength or greater is required, DMM's range is the best place to start. These krabs are strong, come with a variety of locking mechanisms, and are made to the highest standards in our own Wales.

For those looking for solid budget options, the ranges from Foin and Stubai are worth a look, and this page also hosts the impressively sized Petzl MGO Scaffold Hook.

Another impressively sized thing is our range of locking karabiners and Snapgates for climbing.

This section also contains maillons, lots of maillons everywhere. Long ones, square ones, triangular ones, fat ones, tiny ones, giant ones, even twisted ones. The very best in things for attaching things to other things.

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Beal Air-Hook

The Beal Air-Hook is an auto-locking aluminium connector with a large opening and automatic locking. With its wide opening and automatic locking, the Air Hook connector is ideal for connecting to cables and bars. For greater comfort, its locking and unlocking trigger is anatomically designed. And to ensure their traceability, each connector has a unique identification number.

From £28.39 inc. VAT

Beal Flat Link


The Flat Link from Beal is designed to go with the Hold Up harness and is a fully rated carabiner, ideal for full body harnesses. The flat surfaces ensure an even load distribution on webbing.

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.75 inc. VAT

Beal O'Light

The Beal O'Light is an oval shaped aluminium karabiner for use with equipment that has swivelling side plates. The shape of this karabiner is designed to easily connect double flange equipment such as pulleys, blockers and mobile fall arresters. It also has a keylock system and each carabiner has an individual number that guarantees its traceability.

From £10.81 inc. VAT

DMM Captive Eye

The DMM Captive Eye ensures that in real life situations the connector will never be cross loaded through misalignment. Whatever the captive eye is stitched or connected to it can move freely thanks to the circular hole. The hole can also accommodate a second connector should the need for a rescue point arise.

From £22.94 inc. VAT

DMM I-Beam Steel Shadow

The DMM Shadow was the first DMM karabiner to feature an anti-snag keylock nose, is easy to handle, and light and strong thanks to its I-Beam technology. Great for racking, rigging and rope-work.

From £10.00 inc. VAT

DMM Revolver Rig

The DMM Revolver Rig is a connector with an integrated pulley sheave. Featuring a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), a threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly basket.

From £68.84 inc. VAT

DMM Revolver Rig Twin

The DMM Revolver Rig is a connector with an integrated pulley sheave. Featuring a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), a threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly basket.

From £72.52 inc. VAT

DMM Vault

The DMM Vault ensures safe, strong and secure racking for ice screws and tools. Traditionally made of plastic, this material is much more rigid and secure, making the DMM Vault a much more durable option. Featuring a locking option minimises the chances of accidental gate opening, keeping your equipment safely in place and not tumbling down the cliff face!

From £29.36 inc. VAT

Finsterwalde Quick-Out Karabiner


When you need a reliable connection but need to be able to affect an immediate release this is the karabiner for you. Ideal for helicopter and across river rescues. Double button locking with multiple safety mechanism and a breaking strength of 40kN. Paragliders are able to separate the pilot from his/her glider when using a dirigible rescue system.

£74.99 inc. VAT

Foin 10mm Oval


This is a true oval karabiner in 10mm steel, rated to 22kn. Ideal for use with pulleys in all except the highest loading situations. This oval connector allows it to be used with the full range of pulleys, as well as all the other standard uses for a karabiner.

£7.49 inc. VAT £6.54 inc. VAT

Foin D Shape Karabiner

The Foin D Shape Karabiner is a heavy-duty steel karabiner, designed with industrial access in mind.

From £5.71 inc. VAT

Foin Double Action Karabiner


A simple locking mechanism allowing more safety than a snap gate without the safety of a screwgate.

£10.75 inc. VAT £9.40 inc. VAT

Kong X Large Carbon Steel


Carbon steel carabiner with Twist Lock sleeve. The X-Large is designed to offer a wide gate opening and a high tensile strength. The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the carabiner and allows to distribute the load along the major axis.

£19.00 inc. VAT £16.84 inc. VAT

Maillon Rapide Delta

The Maillon Rapide Delta is a triangular shaped connector with a hand or spanner tightening screw thread for use in mountaineering, caving, rescue and access situations. Comes in steel with a zinc galvanised finish and stainless steel options from 4mm through to 12mm diameters.

From £1.78 inc. VAT

Maillon Rapide Delta with Captive Bar


Maillon Rapide quick link connectors have a number of uses in caving, climbing and industrial access. Some are PPE rated and they are available in a number of different shapes to accommodate different loading stresses. Generally they are much stronger than karabiners of similar bar dimensions, but not as quick to operate.

£7.08 inc. VAT £6.28 inc. VAT

Maillon Rapide Long Opening

The Maillon Rapide Long Opening is a long oval shaped Maillon Rapide, the gate being longer than the standard. Available in galvanised or stainless steel, and in a number of different sizes (see drop down menu). These are ideal for rigging ropes in any situation where they will not be in view during use as they are much less likely than a karabiner to open accidentally. The downside is that they are slightly slower to use than a screw gate karabiner.

From £1.57 inc. VAT
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