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River runners are great for just getting down the river. These kinds of boats are best for people who want to put on, run a section using all of their river skills (ferrygliding, eddyhopping etc.) and don't have too much interest in stopping at the playwaves along the way (although you can still indulge in a surf here and there!).

River players are for those who want to get down the river, but have a bit more fun along the way. They tend to be slightly smaller (for greater manoeuvrability) and are lower volume than river runners, to make those freestyle tricks possible. River players won't play as well as an out and out playboat, but are a good compromise and give you a bit more flexibility on the water (no more thinking "I wish I'd brought my playboat!").

Both River Runners and River Players can be found under the River section of the sidebar in Kayaks

Playboats are ideal for spending hours at your favourite playspot. Their low volume ends and high volume cockpit make them easy to throw into all kinds of freestyle moves. Strong edges and planing hulls makes these boats easy to cartwheel, surf and spin (to name but a few!) but can make river running more difficult.

Creek boats are designed for really serious paddling: Big drops, big slides and big water. They are very high volume to keep them on the surface and this also helps them to resurface quickly.

If you are looking for a pool boat, check out centre boats, or consider some of the plastic polo boats available

We also stock a range of Inflatable kayaks, which can be an excellent choice if your short on storage space or cannot find a roof rack for your vehicle
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Dagger Dynamo Club

From £430.18 inc. VAT

Dagger GT 7.8 Club

From £521.76 inc. VAT

Dagger GT Max 8.10 Club

From £521.76 inc. VAT

Dagger GTS 7.5 Club

From £521.76 inc. VAT

Dagger GTX 8.1 Club

From £521.76 inc. VAT

Pyranha B:Two Club

From £643.58 inc. VAT