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Lanyard is a generic name for a very simple bit of kit that can be used in myriad different forms. Essentially a lanyard is a way of lengthening an attachment from one point to the next. In terms of industrial gear this is usually from the worker (via their harness) to an anchor, rope or device. Normally they will be made of either rope or webbing, and will have a way of easily attaching to both ends, often by a spliced or sewn eye, or a stitched loop. To explain the lanyards we sell I have split them into categories, as can be seen below.

The Fujikura Arboriculture Chainsaw Strap is an elasticated lanyard for holding a chainsaw and New England Ropes provide us with basic high visibility strops. More rigging gear, including Lyon Equipment Wire Strops can be found on the Rigging page. The rest of our lanyard range comes from Petzl, and falls into the following categories.

Non-Adjustable Lanyards

The Petzl Jane is simply a length of dynamic rope, with a loop sewn at both ends. Its industrial applications are limited to work positioning, although it is often useful to have a length of rope that does not need to be knotted to attach things to either end. The sewn loop is also stronger and less bulky than knotted rope.It can also be used in a fall arrest system, but care is needed to ensure that the lanyard is always attached above head height. In many situations, however, especially when the worker needs to move towards or above their attachment point, a shock-absorbing lanyard may be required (see below).

Adjustable Lanyards

From a work positioning approach, these are the most useful types of lanyard and almost indispensable for some jobs. Simply, these are a length of rope like the Jane, with sewn loops at either end. However, a mechanical unit is used to make the length of the rope easily adjustable. The Petzl Grillon is a particular device that we stock. The Grillon consists of a device with a handled cam inside and a length of rope. The rope slides easily through the device, as if through a descender, and can be locked just as easily. The uses of this for work positioning are endless; looped around beams, joists, or tree limbs the worker can position themselves in a working position, and once there can use both hands to work, as the Grillon works as a hands free device. To facilitate this, we stock the Grillon Hook, which has a auto-locking flat hook sewn into one end. This clips easily into one of the lateral attachments on a work-positioning harness, so with the Grillon attached the other side a stable working position can be achieved within seconds. The Grillon can also be used as a restraint device. This is when a worker sets the length of the lanyard so that they physically cannot reach the edge of their working area, therefore eliminating a risk of a fall from the edge. In many ways this is a better solution to a fall hazard than a fall arrest set up as it takes away that risk completely. The lanyard needs to be tight at all times, so the only practical way to do this is with an adjustable lanyard.

Energy Absorbing Lanyards

An energy absorbing (or shock absorbing) lanyard is an integral part of most fall-arrest systems. This, in its most basic form, consists of a length of webbing, with sewn loops at each end and shock-absorbing component at one end. This is normally a long length of tape-webbing, which is doubled back on itself and sewn in many places. The stitching is designed to break, but only to break when a certain force acts on it, which means that when it is used to arrest a fall it will not allow the forces in the fall to increase beyond this point. This is very important as a falling person would generate enough force to cause themselves considerable injury, and possible damage of break anchors without.

In an industrial scenario, shock absorbing lanyards are used when a worker is moving up a ladder, or similar structure, or moving across a raised platform with lifelines or safety cables in place. In most of these instances just having one lanyard is not enough, as the worker must unclip to pass an anchor of the safety line, or when moving up rungs of a ladder. So, it is much more common to use a lanyard with two tails, meaning one can stay attached while the other is being moved, so there is always one point attached. The Petzl Absorbica-Y is just that, an energy-absorbing lanyard with two tails. It is commonly used on scaffolding, ladders or other metal frames, and so Petzl manufacture an alternative model, but with an auto-locking scaffold clip on the end of each of the tails. The Absorbica-Y MGO is the most popular and simple fall arrest devices around, and is ideal when used on conjunction with the Petzl Newton.

There is not always a need for the worker using fall arrest system to be mobile, however, and so they don't need two tails. For them the Pammeter &Petrie Lanyard will do the job.


These are energy-absorbing lanyards designed specifically to be used with the ASAP fall-arrest backup device. They work in the same way as the lanyards described above, ripping open in a fall, and serve to help stop the ASAP slipping down the rope in a high-impact force.

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Beal Absorb'Air


The Beal Absorb'air is a compact energy absorbing device ideal for working at hights Compact and lightweight. Easy to open semi-rigid pouch. Easy to inspect in its entirety. Easy to dry once unrolled. Can be combined with a DYNAPRO lanyard to create a lanyard with energy absorber. Marked with a unique serial number and labelled to accommodate personal markings as well as a QR code to assist traceability.

£32.99 inc. VAT £28.81 inc. VAT

Beal Dynaclip

From £17.21 inc. VAT

Beal Dynapark


£26.99 inc. VAT £23.29 inc. VAT

Beal Dynapro-Air V Hook

From £113.04 inc. VAT

Beal Dynapro-Air V Life Line


Fall arrest lanyard and connectors. Professional equipment for working at heights ABSORB'AIR absorber integral with V lanyard. Supplied with 2 AIR-SMITH 3-MATIC steel connectors for clipping to the cable and one O'LIGHT 3-MATIC for connecting to the harness. Sewn termination with reinforced eye to protect the rope. Removable cover allows the inspection of termination stitches. Marked with a unique serial number and equipped with a label to accommodate personal markings as well as a QR codeto assist traceability

£100.00 inc. VAT £88.55 inc. VAT

Beal Mobile Lanyard


£16.99 inc. VAT £14.84 inc. VAT

Beal Pinch


Karabiner positioner for rope or tape

£1.09 inc. VAT £0.94 inc. VAT

Lyon Adjustable Rope Lanyard

From £26.14 inc. VAT

Lyon Rope Lanyard

From £15.64 inc. VAT

Petzl Absorbica-Y

From £46.00 inc. VAT

Petzl Grillon

From £116.00 inc. VAT

Petzl Grillon Hook

From £128.24 inc. VAT

Petzl Jane

From £17.88 inc. VAT

Petzl Joko-I

From £12.31 inc. VAT

Petzl Joko-Y

From £25.60 inc. VAT

Petzl Progress Adjust-I

From £51.08 inc. VAT