Established in 1977
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CMC Clutch


£754.45 inc. VAT

CMC MPD Descent Control Pulley


£692.48 inc. VAT

DMM Talon


£179.99 inc. VAT £159.41 inc. VAT

Forgetec Ground Anchor Set

From £73.84 inc. VAT

Lyon Ground Pin Kit


Designed as a temporary ground anchor for the restraint of personnel on cliff edges, or to provide a secondary means of support during stretcher carries on steep or slippery ground, the original Ground Pin Kit has become a 'standard' for rescue professionals operating in difficult, remote terrain.

£398.03 inc. VAT £347.77 inc. VAT

Lyon Ground Stake Linking Strap


£24.00 inc. VAT £20.98 inc. VAT

Lyon Larkin Frame Pin and Pole Bags


Designed to provide an elevated, tiltable redirection point, the LARKIN RESCUE FRAME can be used very close to anedge because the rescue load can, in full-size confi guration,be landed within the tilted frame.Unlike a conventional tripod the LARKIN RESCUE FRAMEdoes not need to span the void: it sits on one side andreaches out to provide a redirect high above and well awayfrom the edge.

£262.50 inc. VAT £245.36 inc. VAT

Lyon Larkin Frame Pin Bag


£126.67 inc. VAT £118.40 inc. VAT

Lyon Larkin Frame Pole Bag


£140.83 inc. VAT £131.64 inc. VAT

Lyon Larkin Tube and Foot Plate Connecting Pins


£41.81 inc. VAT £39.08 inc. VAT

Lyon Synergy Restricted Access Stretcher MK 3


£875.00 inc. VAT £764.53 inc. VAT

Marlow Viper2 Sling with Sewn Terminations


£27.00 inc. VAT £24.84 inc. VAT

Nebo Omni 2K


The NEBO Omni 2K is a rechargeable dual COB LED work light that has a maximum output of 2000 lumens when using both COB LEDs combined, or 1100 lumens output when using a single COB LED.

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.87 inc. VAT

Petzl Maestro

From £382.60 inc. VAT

Spelean Larkin Frame


£5,664.17 inc. VAT £5,294.30 inc. VAT