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Camping Cookware

Pans , plates, bowls, mugs, knives, forks, spoons, sporks, mess tins, can openers, handles, kettles, foldaway sinks, it's all here and all from the best brands.

Ones to look out for are the MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set, Stowaway Pots and Titan Kettle, Primus Litech Trek Kettle, Light My Fire Sporks and at the opposite end of the scale some titanium products from Optimus and Life Venture.

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£22.50 ex. VAT £19.71 ex. VAT

25-1 UL

From £52.16 ex. VAT

25-2 UL

From £59.60 ex. VAT

25-5 UL


An extremely rugged and reliable non-stick camping stove. Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit.Weighs 980 grams Packed size: 20cm diameter x 10cm height 2 non-stick saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 ltr) Non stick frying pan Boils water in 8 minutes indoors at 20 degrees C

£112.50 ex. VAT £100.54 ex. VAT

25-6 UL


Trangia 25-6 UL with kettle. As for the 25 - 2 but all of the pans have a teflon non-stick surface which means easy cleaning and lower oil use. This set includes a kettle. Weighs in at 1290 grammes.

£83.33 ex. VAT £74.49 ex. VAT

27-1 UL

From £44.72 ex. VAT

27-2 UL


Trangia T27-2 with meths burner and kettle. This stove set is identical to the T25 - 1 except that nestled inside sits an aluminium kettle, waiting for a lick of flame to breathe life into it. The smaller of the standard Trangia stove sets. This has a size of 18.5 x 10cm and includes upper and lower wind shields, burner, simmer ring, pan grip, retaining strap and two 1 litre pans and a frying pan in aluminium.

£62.50 ex. VAT £55.88 ex. VAT

27-5 UL


Non-stick cooker with gas burner rather than meths burner. With the windshield in place this makes a very efficient set up allbeit a bit heavy. Great for groups as the flame is more controllable and visible than with meths. Weighs 1080g.

£108.33 ex. VAT £96.82 ex. VAT
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